Edge Retires

I got a text today from Big D that said, “According to Mike Johnson, this Edge retirement is legit.” I read the text in such a matter of fact manner, but I had no clue Edge was even talking about retirement. I wasn’t watching Raw live as I was commuting home from work. But it looks like it’s legit.

According to Dave Meltzer, Edge had a MRI on April 4, after WrestleMania and was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, which means his spinal cord is narrowing. Meltzer also pointed out that it’s the same injury that Stone Cold Steve Austin was diagnosed with in 1999.

On Raw, it was played like an angle at the beginning with Josh Matthews saying there were rumors that Edge’s career was over. Edge came out and did a long promo saying that his arms were feeling numb, but he passed strength tests that allowed him to make it through WrestleMania, but that WWE pushed him to get more tests. And now, he won’t be in a wheelchair later in life.

You can watch the entire video below:

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  1. Finally!….the Rated “L” (loser) is out of WWE! Hhahahaahhahahahahaha

  2. Is this really Matt Hardy? Ha!

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