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UFC 126 Play-By-Play: Vitor Belfort Vs. Anderson Silva

It seems like forever since New Year’s Day when we saw UFC 125. Even though there weren’t a ton of people who bought that fight, there seems to be a buzz for the UFC again, though not like they’ve lost their roll or anything. But in the last few days, the hype for this event has been amazing. I hope it lives up to it.

I live blogged the undercard already so if you missed the fights, you can check it out.

We’re opening up with Banuelos/Torres.

1. Antonio Banuelos vs. Miguel Torres

Well, that wasn’t exactly how I thought this fight would start. They kept their distance and Torres used his length to frustrate Banuelos. Torres could do that all night and easily win the fight. Banuelos needs to close the gap.

The round was similar to the first. Banuelos just can’t get inside and Torres is treating it like a sparring match. Near the end of the round, Banuelos took a shot to give a shot and it was the best flurry of the fight.

Banuelos looked upset after the third round, which was another round in which he didn’t really press the action at all. I get it. He knew if he was going to close the distance, he was going to take some shots. Torres was really just too long and accurate for him.

Winner: Miguel Torres by way of unanimous decision

2. Carlos Eduardo Rocha vs. Jake Ellenberger

Ellenberger got a strong man’s takedown and then in trying to stop a takedown, seemed to slip and Rocha was on top. Rocha was going back and forth between side control and north/south position and then transitioned into the mount and then back to north/south. Ellenberger transitioned into a standing guillotine. That was nice. Rocha got him back down and had a kimura that looked like it was going to be a possible finish. And this was after Ellenberger had the better position. Rocha is sick.

The second round was much slower and it was mostly on the feet until the end of the round when Ellenberger took him down. When a jiu-jitsu expert and wrestler decide to sloppily kickbox, a good fight it does not make. The first round was so good and the second, not so much. With a gun to my head, I’d give it slightly to Ellenberger.

So Rocha was fantastic on the ground in the first round and he decides to allow the fight to stay on his feet? Was he scared of getting caught coming in? After the first round, the fight was his for the taking. Rocha threw a high kick that seemed to land, but Ellenberger threw it off and Rocha went down. This is exactly the fight that it would seem that Ellenberger wanted. With 30 seconds left, Ellenberger got a takedown to try and secure the fight.

Winner: Jake Ellenberger by way of split decision

The scores were 30-27 for Rocha and 29-28 twice for Ellenberger.

3. Ryan Bader vs. Jon Jones

It was a really strong round for Bones Jones. He got an early takedown and had a north/south position choke that was more like a reverse guillotine as far as the way Bader’s neck was positioned. Bader couldn’t do anything. He tried to throw a big hook and missed badly. He also shot in and was easily stuffed.

The second round was fairly even with both guys trying to land punches and really stay away from each other’s wheelhouses. Jones got inside and it looked like Bader tried to pull guard, which was very odd. Jones sunk in a guillotine to win the fight.

Winner: Jon Jones by way of 2nd round submission

Somewhere, JP is doing a backflip like GSP.

Joe Rogan just said that Rashad Evans blew out his knee and they’re offering Jon Jones the shot against Shogun. That happens in about 6 weeks or so I believe.

4. Rich Franklin vs. Forrest Griffin

Griffin was on top of Franklin the entire round trying to pound him out, though Franklin did a good job at not taking too much damage. That was the story of the round and nothing more needs to be said.

Griffin is just way too big for Franklin. He’s smothering Franklin whenever they get close. Griffin landed the best punch of the night which was a left hook that buckled Franklin for a second. He landed a right hand that landed as well which followed up a body kick. Griffin absolutely doesn’t think Franklin can hurt him.

I wouldn’t be made if Rich Franklin won that round. Forrest was a little sloppy with his stand-up and Franklin took advantage. Griffin got a takedown, but Franklin turned him over. Wasn’t much of a round, but I’d have given it to Franklin.

Winner: Forrest Griffin by way of unanimous decision

Griffin won by 29-28 on all three score cards.

5. Vitor Belfort vs. Anderson Silva

The last time Belfort fought, he went heads up with Floyd Mayweather vs. Juan Manuel Marquez.

After 3 minutes of posturing, Belfort starting to bring it to Silva and landed a couple of shots. Silva got serious, threw a front kick that landed right on Belfort’s chin and buckled him immediately. It was over that quick.

Winner: Anderson Silva by way of first round TKO

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