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Dynamite!! 2010 – Todd Duffee Vs. Alistair Overeem


Seven hours of MMA madness. No introduction is necessary. Let’s get to it.

The opening of the show featured singers congregating in gospel-like fashion singing, “Oh Happy Day”. On the big screen was clips from other Dream shows and also clips of Dream fighters fighting at Strikeforce. And then the fighters were allowed a couple seconds of screen time to show off their dance moves. Satoshi Ishii did a move where he grabbed his crotch and swiveled his hips like he was a modern day Ravishing Rick Rude.

The announcers are Frank Trigg and Michael Schiavello, aka The Voice.

Looks like the Bob Sapp fight is off. The excuse is that he lost his will to fight. Ha! Sounds like it’s a last minute contract renegotiation.

1. Andy Ologun vs. Katsuaki Furuki

Furuki is a former baseball player. This fight is three, five minute rounds.

The fight started in the clinch with Furuki throwing short, inside punches, but taking nasty knees to his midsection from Ologun. Olugun knocked him woozy with a stiff straight right and Furuki didn’t know where he was. He was throwing back, but they were loopy punches that had no chance. Ologun fell backwards with a guillotine while Furuki’s nose was bleeding all over the mat. Furuki got out of the submission and then quickly got into the mount. Furuki is tough, though out of his league here so far.

Furuki got a takedown from the clinch, but Ologun reversed position. Furuki worked on a kimura for a couple of minutes and Ologun fought it the entire way. With just over 30 seconds left, Ologun reversed him, but Furuki locked in a triangle just as the bell rang. Furuki might be winning this fight now.

Furuki was impressive in staying on top of Ologun, but caught a nasty right hand near the end of the round.

Winner: Andy Ologun by decision

Furuki is going to need some stitches over his left eye. You can see the insides of his eye brow.

2. Kazuyuki Miyata vs. Caol Uno

Miyata came out to a blending of Tupac Shakur with the instrumental to Eye Of The Tiger. That’s a win.

Uno won the first five minutes with some great in and out striking. He was landing punches and inside leg kicks. He’s wearing some sort of knee sleeve/pad and some wicked gold shoes.

Miyata got a sweet German suplex, which according to the announcers, he called at the press conference. He landed another one and got underneath Uno even more. Uno has a long cut down the bridge of his nose. Miyata is landing inside leg kicks and is now out-boxing him too.

Miyata got another suplex and Schiavello yelled, “Suuuupleeeex!” Then Trigg shit on the move and said it doesn’t do that much damage. Miyata spent much of the round just trying to shoot in and land inside leg kicks. Uno was working hard, but the one time he tried to get his back, Miyata was in the ropes and they had to be separated.

Winner: Kazuyuki Miyata by decision

3. Kazuhisa Watanabe vs. Hideo Tokoro

Watanabe came out to Lady Gaga.

The first round was insane. Tokoro was trying to set up an armbar. Tokoro couldn’t straighten out his arm, but did choke him between his legs. They scrambled a few times and Watanabe tried to pick him up and slam him, but Tokoro ended up on his feet. He got his back and had version of a rear naked choke, but Watanabe let the audience know that he didn’t have him. Near the end of the round, Watanabe landed a punch and Tokoro went to his back.

Watanabe powered out of another armbar attempt by fighting it and trying to use his legs to interrupt Tokoro trying to straighten his arm. Every time Watanabe gets to his feet, it looks like he’s going to Flair flop because either he’s tired, or he’s using some showmanship. He tried a jumping axe kick on Tokoro, but got kicked himself and ended up on his back again.

Tokoro got him down again and quickly got the mount. Predictably, he went for the armbar again, and Watanabe picked him up and threw him into the ropes. Tokoro finally got the armbar, straightened it, and pulled back and got the submission. And this was after Frank Trigg was saying how stupid it was to continually work the armbar.

Winner: Hideo Tokoro

4. Hiroshi Izumi vs. Minowaman

Izumi worked from the top position most of the round and ended it with punches in the corner. Minowaman didn’t really do much.

Frank Trigg thinks Minowaman needs to either change his technique or retire. For the second round in a row, Izumi just manhandles him.

Izumi took control again immediately. Minowaman was on all fours getting pounded. He was getting beat up from half-guard and the referee stopped it.

Winner: Hiroshi Izumi by way of 3rd round TKO

5. Sergey Kharitonov vs. Tatsuya Mizuno

Khairtonov threw a nasty knee and knocked Mizuno out. That knee followed a big, straight right hand and an uppercut. Mizuno’s head hit the mat and he was out.

Winner: Sergey Kharitonov by way of 1st round TKO

6. Kyotaro vs. Gegard Mousasi

This is a kickboxing match and there are three, three minute rounds. Three knockdowns in one round equals a TKO.

Mousasi used his reach advantage. It was hard for Kyotaro to reach him with kicks and was having issues keeping his balance after missing them. Mousasi looks to have the power advantage and is able to get a lot of power behind his shots.

That round was all for Mousasi. He landed a huge left hook that landed flush and then a right cross that put him down. Kyotaro was on wobbly legs for the rest of the round, and I don’t think got his legs back, but he did finish the round on his feet.

Both guys were tired. Mousasi let Kyotaro unload, but he didn’t land as Mousasi just put his hands up and protected himself. Every time they got close, Mousasi would just throw him down. It was a close round, but it’s Mousasi’s fight.

Winner: Gegard Mousasi

7. Yuichiro Nagashima vs. Shinya Aoki

Nagashima came out in a blond wig and skirt.

First round is a kickboxing match and the second round is MMA rules. For the kickboxing round, they are wearing MMA gloves, rather than boxing gloves.

Nagashima throws a heavy right hand. Aoki grabs and clinches, which is supposed to be illegal. He’s also throwing crazy kicks which put him on his back as if it’s a slip which wastes time. He was given one warning. I’m not sure what that means. Aoki is now throwing two-legged drop kicks. He’s now running around the ring and grabbing the ropes. Aoki was like a wrestling manager running away from his beating, but instead, he never got caught.

Wow. With Aoki’s rules, Nagashima knocked him out. Aoki shot in and Nagashima hit him with a knee right underneath his ear. He followed up with some hammer fists, but Aoki was already out.

Winner: Yuichiro Nagashima by way of 2nd round TKO

8. Todd Duffee vs. Alistair Overeem

Overeem is the scariest guy going today. I want to see him against Shane Carwin, Brock Lesnar, or Cain Velasquez immediately. Forget about Fedor.

He nailed Duffee with a knee that slowed Duffee for a second, landed a short hand which stopped Duffee cold, and then a short left put him out. It was that quick.

Winner: Alistair Overeem by way of 1st round TKO

9. Jerome Le Banner vs. Satoshi Ishii

Ishii looked to be well on his way to a nice victory early on as he got a takedown and was working Le Banner from the top position. But Le Banner worked from his back, got a mount of his his own, but was bucked off. Ishii and Le Banner traded shots to end the round.

It was another round that started off for Ishii and turned tides near the end. Ishii got a couple of takedowns and landed some nice punches from the top position. He was going for a heel hook, but got turned around and Le Banner ended up on top hurting him with punches. Ishii is tired, but he’s not nearly as tired as Le Banner.

That round was all Ishii. He worked the kimura and nearly got it. He used nice ground and pound to tire out Le Banner and then tried for the rear naked choke before the round was over.

Winner: Satoshi Ishii by way of decision

10. Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Marius Zaromskis

Thankfully for Sakuraba, this was short. He was a statue out there and Zaromskis could’ve rushed him and put him away, but kept his distance and fired shots at him. He bloodied his ear early on and then it was stopped as it seemed like his ear was sliced and pulled, though not completely torn like Cactus Jack’s. It was then stopped.

Winner: Marius Zaromskis by way of 1st round TKO

11. Tetsuya Yamato vs. Akiyo Nishiura

Nishiura has pink hair. He also fights with his hands completely down and on the balls of his feet and throws his power shots off his front foot. Yamato is exactly the opposite. He has a very solid stance and is using his kicks to set things up. The round was fairly close. Nishiura is trying to set up his right hand.

Pretty good round for Nishiura. He was landing a check right hook at will. He landed a shot that knocked Yamato down at the end of the round, but he basically fell on top of him so I don’t think it was declared a knockdown.

This was a great round. Nishiura wanted to get into a brawl and started to land some heavy punches. But Yamato ended the round unloading on him. He landed several hard shots to end the round.

Winner: Majority draw

Two judges had it a draw while one judge had it for Yamato.

12. Jason High vs. Hasato Sakurai

Bad first round. Sakurai was on top for most of the round and High was given a yellow card for doing nothing on his back with Sakurai inside his half guard.

Sakurai was on top again, but High reversed positions and spent most of the round pounding out Sakurai from the top inside his half guard. That was very easily High’s round.

The round was a dud and Sakurai was given a yellow card. Near the end of the round, Sakurai clipped High with a left and then a knee and High had to grab his legs and take him down.

Winner: Jason High by way of split decision

13. Josh Thomson vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri

This is Strikeforce vs. Dream.

Kawajiri had Thomson against the ropes, locked his arms around him and just took him down. He quickly got the mount and then criss crossed his legs, locking them around Thomson’s. Thomson couldn’t buck him off and took some punches. He also landed some shots of his own from the bottom, drawing blood from Kawajiri.

Kawajiri immediately got him down and mounted him again. He sunk in an arm triangle that looked to be tight, but knew he didn’t have it and didn’t waste time trying to keep it locked. Thomson showed life at the end of the round.

The third round went very similarly. Thomson couldn’t stop Kawajiri’s trip takedowns. He finally escaped with about 90 seconds to go and landed some great shots that had Kawajiri reeling. But Kawajiri went back to old faithful, got the trip takedown, and secured the fight.

Winner: Tatsuya Kawajiri by way of unanimous decision

14. Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Bibiano Fernandes

This is a three round fight, but the first round is ten minutes long since it’s for Fernandes’ featherweight title.

Pretty slow first round. Takaya was the most consistent, landing a few decent shots. Fernandes looked a little apprehensive, worried about the power. The referee cautioned both guys to pick up the pace.

The second round was pretty close as Fernandes had a much better round, but I’m not sure that he won it.

This was a really good round for Takaya. Fernandes got the takedown early, but they were up against the ropes and Fernandes pulled guard. It was a bad decision. Takaya was unloading with big shots on top. Fernandes was doing a good job on the bottom with defending himself and creating his own offense, but his real goal was to grab a triangle and he could never get it. He had his best chance near the end of the round, but it was too little, too late.

Winner: Hiroyuki Takaya by way of unanimous decision

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5 thoughts on “Dynamite!! 2010 – Todd Duffee Vs. Alistair Overeem

  1. Overeem is fun to watch—I just wish he would fight MMA more often. Matchups against just about any HW with a pulse would be interesting at this point.

  2. If Strikeforce has failed on things they have control over, it’s in not getting Overeem and Fedor to fight more in Strikeforce. They also have Barnett who hasn’t fought yet either.

  3. I am disappointed in how they have handled their heavyweight class.

    Overeem could be one of the hottest names in MMA if they could get him on CBS—the guy is built the way fans expect a heavyweight to look and absolutely destroys suckers.

  4. If they create some interest in some of these fights, that could be their calling card. Overeem should be their number one guy that they market, not Fedor.

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