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WWE 2010 Survivor Series – Wade Barrett Vs. Randy Orton With John Cena As The Referee

For whatever reason, I still get excited for Survivor Series. It’s definitely partly nostalgic. I can remember watching just about every Survivor Series. The very first one didn’t show up via my cable company. In 1987, my cable company was one of the only cable companies to call Vince McMahon’s bluff and instead show Starrcade, so there was always a mystery to that first show for me.

I remember playing basketball in high school and coming home from practice to watch the Survivor Series where Hulk Hogan lost to the Undertaker. This was when the show was on Wednesday night. Even though the show doesn’t feature many elimination matches anymore, I think there’s something about the show being the precursor to Thanksgiving, since it’s my favorite holiday.

Will John Cena be kicked out of WWE tonight? Hmmm, not so sure. I imagine Barrett wins semi-cleanly, or that Barrett pisses Cena off and he’s about to hit him but hits Orton instead. And there’s a possibility that the Miz cashes in his title shot.

Here’s what he tweeted today:

Be sure to check out survivor series tonight 8pm only on ppv. Anything can happen.

1. Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. Daniel Bryan

What a fantastic match this was. This was one of the best openers in a long time. Bryan eventually won with the LaBelle lock. They went all at it and he brought the best out of DiBiase. They did a back suplex off the top rope, a suplex outside of the ring, Bryan’s drop kick off the top rope, and there was just a great aggressiveness from both guys. I want to see them wrestle again immediately.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

The Miz came out and hit Bryan with his briefcase and went into the center of the ring to cut a promo. He ran down LeBron James something fierce.

2. John Morrison vs. Sheamus

Yet another really good wrestling match. The story was that Sheamus would be on the offense and then Morrison would get really great small comebacks, but eventually, Sheamus would get the heat back. At the end of the match, Morrison went for the Starship Pain, but Sheamus hit him before he could get all the way up. Sheamus then went for the Razor’s Edge but Morrison caught him with a kick and then a running knee lift that was slightly botched for the victory.

It was hot because of the way the match was booked, but also because of the surprise win. So far, there has been some amped aggression on the show and it’s been great.

Winner: John Morrison

3. Kaval vs. Dolph Ziggler

They are three for three. This match wasn’t as good as the first two because they were trying to fit so much stuff in and they simply need to work together more. Ziggler was Mirko Cro Cop high kicked in the face because of a screw up. Kaval did all of his offense which is based on great kicks. Ziggler put on his sleeper hold, but Kaval threw him over him. Kaval went for a cradle, but Ziggler overturned it and held the tights.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

You have to think these guys wrestle again.

In a different analogy, having Kaval and Daniel Bryan on PPVs is like having WEC bantam and flyweights on UFC PPVs. The work rate is way up on this show partly because of these two guys. It’s fantastic.

4. The Big Show, Chris Masters, Kofi Kingston, MVP, and Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks, and Alberto Del Rio

MVP was pinned first after trying to suplex Drew McIntyre into the ring. Del Rio grabbed MVP’s leg and held it.

Chris Masters tapped to Del Rio’s arm bar. Team Mysterio is down 5-3.

Cody went ballistic after Kofi hit him in the face, doing his Ric Flair impression, short of giving a diet coke can an elbow drop. Then Big Show punched him in the face and pinned him. It’s 4-3.

Kingston pinned Reks after rolling him up. It’s 3-3.

Swagger made Kingston tap to the ankle lock. 3-2 bad guys.

Rey did a big splash off Show’s shoulders on Swagger for the pin. It’s now 2-2.

Mysterio hit the 619 and then Show hit the big punch on McIntyre for the pin. It should be 2-1, but I guess that Del Rio was out earlier when Show TKO’d him even though he wasn’t the legal man in the ring. That was weird.

Winner: Team Mysterio

They are four for four. That was a fun match as well. I’m scared to where the show goes from here.

5. Lay Cool vs. Natalya

Natalya won by putting Michelle in the sharp shooter. She started to cry after getting the win.

Winner: Natalya

Lay Cool attacked Natalya and Beth Phoenix made the save.

6. Kane vs. Edge

No Paul Bearer to start, though Edge did bring out a wheel chair which is making Kane go crazy.

They did the double pin gimmick where everyone thought Edge won and he was even announced as champion, but the referee called it a draw and thus Kane keeps his title.

It was a very slow match and the crowd was dead for just about all of it. Kane is deathly slow and having him sell for some of Edge’s moves was just terrible TV.

Winner: No one, thus Kane retains.

Edge used the wheelchair to send Kane through the barricade.

7. Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel vs. Santino and Koslov

It’s what you’d expect. Everything was based on Santino running wild. He did the salute elbow drop or whatever you call it. Then he set up the Cobra but Nexus, who surrounded ringside, caught his attention and Slater hit him with the necktie for the win.

Winner: Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel

8. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton with John Cena as referee

This is example A of why Randy Orton can’t be in the main event. Daniel Bryan brought out so much in Ted DiBiase and it’s just the opposite here. Orton’s style is so bland and paired with Barrett’s lack of innovation, the result was a really boring match.

Barrett hit the Wastleland to a two count and he got in Cena’s face and pushed him. Cena pushed him and Barrett fell right into a RKO and Cena had to count the three. He paused on the last count.

I thought the likewise was going to happen. I figured Cena would go to hit Barrett and instead, accidentally hit Orton. The way they did it made it seem like John Cena is the dumbest man alive.

Nexus attacked and Cena and Orton fought them off. Cena handed Orton the belt and they hugged before Orton’s music played and he walked away. Cena just stood in the corner as if he didn’t know what to say or think. Then he left his wrist bands in the middle of the ring and the crowd chanted his name.

And then he went and hugged only Michael Cole which just seemed weird. We walked to the back and shook some hands. He couldn’t even really feign tears. He then thanked the fans at home. Or at least mouthed the words.

He walked into the crowd and shook hands with everyone.