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The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 – Team GSP Vs. Team Koscheck Episode 9

GSP wants to change the training for the guys. Since they’re in the quarterfinals, he wants to improve the tactical and not do so much of what they’ve been doing like sparring. He doesn’t want them to overtrain, but also wants them to be hungry when they get in the cage.

Josh Koscheck wants Sako to make sure that he doesn’t give Jonathan Brookins his back.

Jonathan Brookins vs. Sako Chivitchian

Sako shot in and Brookins underhooked him and threw him down. Then Brookins immediately went for his back just like they predicted. After struggling, he sunk in the rear naked choke and it was over. Wow.

Winner: Jonathan Brookins by way of 1st round submission

Sako says he didn’t follow the game plan. Koscheck says he just made a mistake.

Nam Phan is fighting Cody McKenzie and Josh is training Nam strictly on guillotines. Koscheck says if Nam gets guillotined in this fight, he’s hitting him over the head with a chair. Jeff Hardy just smiled while Ken Anderson grimaced.

Nam says that McKenzie’s techniques aren’t necessarily correct, but they work for whatever reason.

Cody McKenzie vs. Nam Phan

This was a weird round. McKenzie just kept shooting in and not being able to take Pham down, except one time. Pham was fighting against the cage, keeping him off all round as Koscheck was screaming at him. Then McKenzie looked tired, or was playing possum so he could get Pham in closer. Pham landed some punches near the end of the round.

Pham just started unloading in the second. He landed right hands that rung McKenzie’s bell, but actually knocked him down with two body shots. He finished him on the ground and the ref stopped it.

Winner: Nam Phan by way of 2nd round TKO

Dana White said that while it’s nice to guillotine choke guys in the first round, you don’t get the rounds and experience underneath your belt.

Koscheck was whooping and hollering and said it was personal because of how much he didn’t like McKenzie.

Looks like Aaron Wilkerson and Kyle Watson are fighting while Bruce Leroy and Michael Johnson are paired and both fights are on next week’s show.

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