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The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 – Team GSP Vs. Team Koscheck Episode 10

The latest episode starts with Michael Johnson being the victim of yet another prank as someone messed with the water faucet and when he used it, the water exploded on him. He wasn’t a happy young man. He’s blaming Bruce Leroy for it, even though he didn’t do it.

Kyle Watson is facing Aaron Wilkinson and GSP thinks Aaron’s a better striker, but Kyle is much better on the ground. Wow, we’re ready to get into it now.

Kyle Watson vs. Aaron Wilkinson

It didn’t take long for Watson to get him to the ground. It only took about 30 seconds. Koscheck wanted the fight stood up because he didn’t think Watson was doing much, but Wilkinson got up on his own. And then Watson took him right back down and fell into mount. He got his back and put the figure four body lock around him. He put him in a rear naked choke that didn’t seem very deep, but eventually tapped him out.

Winner: Kyle Watson by way of 1st round submission

Hey, it’s Freddie Roach. Michael Johnson looks really good with him. Alex doesn’t hit very hard, but he moved well with Roach holding the mits.

Bruce Leroy thinks that the pressure is on Johnson because he is expected to win.

Koscheck told Johnson that he’s rooting for Bruce Leroy and that he won’t stand-up with him. GSP doesn’t know who will win. He thinks Bruce Leroy can win by triangle or that Johnson can win by ground and pound.

Josh was riding GSP because he thinks GSP wanted to put his best against his worst to get Michael into the semifinals. He was hilarious. GSP could only laugh.

Michael Johnson vs. Alex Caceres

Johnson was the aggressor and got inside with some strikes and immediately got a takedown. Bruce Leroy was slammed on his side. Johnson popped Bruce Leroy’s mouthpiece out and he left him pick it up. Leroy can’t keep him off. He slammed him again. Leroy started to open up a bit with his hands, but every time he was able to land, he was drawn inside and was grabbed and held. Then Johnson was able to get in his own shots. And he’s just so much stronger. Leroy slipped throwing a kick and Johnson was back on top of him. He continues to let him up because he doesn’t want to go on the ground with him.

Right when Leroy’s timing on the feet looks good, he gets inside and immediately is taken down. If Alex had any takedown defense, or even a sense of when the takedown was coming, he could actually win this fight. But he can’t stop being taken down. He dumped Michael over his head and was finally on top, but he couldn’t keep him down. Johnson stayed on top of him until the round was over.

Winner: Michael Johnson by way of unanimous decision

Koscheck kept saying how the fight sucked. And GSP and Dana thought the fight was good.

Johnson said that he has more respect for Bruce Leroy now. If they could work on takedown defense, he could be interesting. But he’s not terribly strong. Damn charismatic though.

The semifinal fights are as follows:

Jonathan Brookins vs. Kyle Watson and Michael Johnson vs. Nam Phan

Koscheck thinks Nam Phan is going to beat Johnson. He has the tools, but he’s giving up so much strength.

Next week is two hours of show with the semi-finals fights.

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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 – Team GSP Vs. Team Koscheck Episode 10

  1. I think Brookins and Johnson actually have some tools to do fairly well, as long as they are pushed slowly enough.

    I just see Nam Phan as a 145 pounder and too small for Johnson, but he has fight in him. Will be a fun fight for sure.

  2. It’ll be a good fight. I would think that he’d fight him similarly to how he fought Bruce Leroy, but then just based on the highlights, it looked like Phan was much more savvy as to how to attack him.

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