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Super Six World Boxing Classic – Glen Johnson Vs. Allan Green

With Mikkel Kessler out of the tournament because of an eye injury, Glen Johnson comes down from 175 pounds to fight Green. Green seemed to be lethargic because of his weight cut against Andre Ward and you have to wonder how the weight cut affects Johnson, who hasn’t fought at the weight in a while.

Glen Johnson vs. Allan Green

Green’s jabbing and moving, fighting fairly defensively and Johnson is coming forward throwing overhand rights. About halfway through the round, he landed one and woke Green up. Green looked good for the first half of the round, but then got caught with two right hands and probably lost the round.

Green is looking good, throwing several shots and getting out there, messing with Johnson’s timing. He bounced off the ropes twice and as he did Johnson loaded up and wanted to throw big shots. I thought Green fought that round smartly and will need to continue to do that to slow Johnson down. Good round for him.

Johnson continues to stalk, but Green’s been quick enough to circle around him. But in this round, it looked like he was getting caught against the ropes more often. Green caught Johnson with an uppercut, but then Johnson had a fifteen second flurry at the end of the round that made Green woozy. He had snot all over his face. Green’s round up until the flurry, but Johnson stole it.

For the first round, Green was holding on, trying to get his wits back and he succeeded. The last two minutes of the round was strong for him. He’s getting caught with body shots though. You have to wonder how much legs he has left. Still, I’d go with Green in this round.

I think simply because he controlled the ring a bit better, Green wins a close round. However, his punches look like they lack zip. Johnson has much more heat on his shots and only lost this round in my opinion because he missed some wild shots and looked like he wasn’t in control.

Johnson’s round. He just looks fresher and ended the round with another flurry that looked to hurt Green. It’s only the sixth round, but you’d think it was the 10th based on how Green’s moving.

Glen Johnson is like that pitcher who relies on his fastball a lot. You know exactly what’s coming. Can you hit it? He’s extremely predictable with what he’s doing, but Green can’t stop it. That overhand right hand is landing, and starting to land stiffly. Close round, but I give it to Johnson because his punches look effective, rather than just point scorers.

Johnson knocked Green down with right-left-right combination and Green went down like a sack of potatoes. The first right hand hit him on the side of the head, the left didn’t really land, and then the last right was flush. The fight is over.

Winner: Glen Johnson by way of 8th round TKO

Johnson hugged Green at the end of the fight and told him something. After the fight, Johnson said a lot of nice things about Green. Very classy.