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Pacquiao/Margarito Undercard – Ricardo Cordoba Vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux

This is the second Top Rank undercard fight. Earlier, Brandon Rios stopped Omri Lowther.

Ricardo Cordoba vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux

Rigondeaux has only six pro fights, amazingly.

A nothing round – but you probably have to go with Rigondeaux as he’s more so in control of the action. Very confident.

Rigondeaux is still controlling it, but he held Cordoba behind the head and hit him. He’s trying to set up his left hand as the big shot. Very lackluster fight so far.

Rigondeaux seems uninspired, as if there’s no real challenge. It’s like a Floyd Mayweather fight where he’s so quick that he has no fear of getting hit, and seems to be able to hit Cordoba at will.

Cordoba is having a hard time even landing a clean shot. Rigondeaux hit Cordoba with a left to the body near the liver and Cordoba went down. He was more stunned than anything else, but it was still impressive.

I’m surprised that these guys haven’t head-butted each other yet as they’re both southpaws. Easy round for Rigondeaux, though unimpressive. I’m not sure there were more than 10 power shots thrown that round between the two guys.

Cordoba actually landed more shots in the round and put Rigondeaux down with a jab. Rigondeaux’s glove touched the mat on the knockdown, but not his knee. Didn’t see that coming at all. Maybe it will put a fire under Rigondeaux now.

Rigondeaux is on his horse now. Cordoba is the aggressor now and is showing some confidence. He’s might’ve won the round too. Even when they get on the inside, he’s throwing hard.

It’s back to Rigondeaux’s tempo and he won yet another unimpressive round. Cordoba just can’t catch him. Rigondeaux is still waiting for the big shot, but he seems to be ok with landing his jab and moving off the jab. The left hand seems open, but he’s not really taking the chance.

Rigondeaux is starting to land more one-two combinations as a counter to Cordoba. And the crowd is finally starting to get restless with this one. Unfortunately for them, and us, there’s three more rounds where this came from.

Rigondeaux is back to throwing one punch, which is either a jab or a right hook as a counter shot. And Cordoba still can’t hit him. That round was exhibition-like. Best shot was Rigondeaux slightly staggering Cordoba with a counter shot.

Rigondeaux was more interested in making Cordoba look badly than anything else. He kept his hands to his side before throwing shots and was more so toying with him.

Ugh, what a terrible example of prize fighting by Rigondeaux. He danced around the ring like he had no plans to engage at all. He might’ve given away the last two rounds or so.

Winner: Guillermo Rigondeaux by way of split decision

The scores were 114-112 (Cordoba), 117-109 (Rigondeaux), and 114-112 (Rigondeaux). I had it closer to the one who had it more wide for Rigondeaux, but man, what a terrible example of a not getting your money’s worth on an undercard fight.

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