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HBO Boxing – Sergio Martinez Vs. Paul Williams 2

It’s been eleven months since Paul Williams won a majority decision over Sergio Martinez in what was the best fight of 2009. I had Williams winning the fight by a score of 116-113, but Duan thought it was Martinez’s fight. Living up to their first fight is going to be tough, but really, it should be expected. Both guys have tremendous work rate. And you get that both guys still feel as if they have something to prove.

Sergio Martinez vs. Paul Williams

For whatever reason, the first two minutes of this round were chopped off by my DVR. Of the minute I saw, it was a bit sloppier than the last fight. They were fighting inside though, which I’d expect to favor Martinez.

Again, there was a huge chunk out of the round taken away by my DVR. I expect there was a slight power shortage when I was away. When the DVR came back, I saw Sergio Martinez unleash a haymaker of epic proportions. It was like a power hitter pulling his head to hit a home run. He threw it out of his back pocket and Williams was out when it was hit. He landed right on his face. Amazing knockout.

Winner: Sergio Martinez by way of 2nd round TKO