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Antonio Margarito Vs. Manny Pacquiao Play By Play

There’s already been so much drama in the back for this fight and it hasn’t even started yet. Team Margarito isn’t happy with Pacquiao’s hand wrap, ironically so and Team Pacquiao wants Margarito to take a drug test because they thought he took hydroxy-cut. All we saw was something that looked like spenda, but if Margarito is going to load his wraps, you probably want to know what he’s putting his his drink too. Supposedly, Margarito was drinking coffee too, which is odd because caffeine will dehydrate.

I’m not sure that I’m surprised about any of this. The Texas Athletic Commission refused to test Margarito before the fight and said they’ll do full analysis after the fight per Kevin Iole’s article. When Strikeforce was in Texas a few months ago, the Texas commission didn’t even drug test at all.

As Dusty Rhodes said one time, “If you play with dogs, they’ll b-b-b-b-b-b-bite-chya”. Team Pacquiao/Arum had to hold this fight in Texas because it was the one commission that would allow Margarito to get his boxing license back. The fact that they don’t do any pre-fight drug testing is eye opening, but I’m not sure what you can expect based on their history.

Nelly is now rapping live in front of a boxing audience. At least get LL Cool J to perform Mama Said Knock You Out if you want a rapper performing old songs. He also just did Just A Dream.

Antonio Margarito vs. Manny Pacquiao

The way Margarito stands it doesn’t seem like such a big height difference. Manny is standing right in front of him. He’s not moving in and out as much as I thought he would. Margarito is using his jab very well. Manny landed a nice straight left that’s the best shot of the round so far. He also landed a straight right. Margarito’s reflexes seem a bit slow.

Margarito is winning this round whenever he stays offensive. Once he stops punching, Pacquiao lands several shots. Manny is having more issues with Margarito’s strength and size here. He’s going to have to move more in and out and not allow Margarito to throw inside shots. It’s odd that he’s staying right in there. Margarito’s round.

Pacquiao’s doing a better job of landing first, but Margarito seems content with allowing him to land and be comfortable inside so that he can bully him. Margarito’s going to get hit a lot, and he’s betting that Pacquiao isn’t strong enough to put him out. He has to take some to give some. Much stronger round for Manny.

When Margarito gets inside, he needs to be more accurate because if not, Pacquiao tags him several times. Manny has already given him a big bruise that has turned into a cut underneath his right eye. Excellent round for Pacquiao. He was amazingly accurate and Margarito took a beating.

Pacquiao allowed Margarito to hit him a few more times than he had to, but he’s still landing shots at will. Margarito can’t hit any of his big shots because Manny is out of there by the time he can load up.

Manny is at his best moving side to side and in and out and just being a volume puncher from different angles. He didn’t give Margarito a target to hit that round. Pacquiao just took Margarito’s best at the end of that round. It was Margarito’s best round since his second and Pacquiao took some good shots. Manny still won the round.

Margarito is showing glimpses, but Manny answers him every time. This isn’t as sharp as you’ve seen him, but I think it’s because of the height difference and the strength of Margarito. Manny is still hanging on those ropes every once in a while, giving Margarito a chance.

Margarito’s right eye is nearly swollen shut. Margarito had Manny against the ropes again, and rather than get out of the way, Manny dug in and matched him and then some after he stepped back. Not sure what Manny is trying to prove as it’s the only chance Margarito has to win. The only thing that stops Manny is his pride. Doesn’t need to stand there against the ropes and trade. Margarito now believes he has a chance.

Margarito’s other eye is starting to shut. He might only have one or two more rounds with any kind of vision. As they’re into the later rounds, you have to wonder if Pacquiao’s less than spectacular training camp comes into play here. He’s hitting Margarito a lot, but he’s getting hit more than he should be too. Margarito seemed to slow down a bit more as well.

Now that was a boxing clinic. Pacquiao may have beaten the will out of Margarito that round. I wasn’t sure that Pacquiao could stop him, but he might be able to stop him now. That was another massacre.

Margarito’s right eye is completely closed. This thing may need to be stopped. Manny hit Margarito with a great combination and looked at the referee and wondered how much more he was supposed to hit him. The referee stopped it to ask Margarito how many fingers he held up. He only held up one finger. Margarito is done for. His corner needs to stop the fight. No reason that Margarito needs another round of this.

I’m not sure Margarito can see any punches that are coming wide. And his reflexes are too slow to see the punches coming straight at him. Pacquiao took sympathies on him in that round. Could’ve landed a hundred punches if he wanted.

Winner: Manny Pacquiao by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 120-108, 118-110, and 119-109.

Manny says that he didn’t expect Margarito to be so strong. He says that he was hurt when he was up against the ropes and only fought against the ropes to show Margarito that he could. He says that in the 12th round he cruised because Roach told him to. He pretty much no commented on the Mayweather fight.

Margarito’s trainer said that he had no intention of stopping the fight because he knew Margarito wouldn’t allow him to. He loves him so much he’ll allow him to have brain damage. Ok, I made that last line up.