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UFC Primetime – Lesnar Vs. Velasquez Episode 1

I’m way late on posting this, but better late than never.

UFC Primetime hasn’t necessarily been a fantastic way of promoting fights, but I think it’s because we compare it to HBO’s 24/7 series. But even without the comparison, there’s still something lacking. The key with this one is getting Brock Lesnar because he doesn’t really like cameras in his face.

I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of AKA, Velasquez’s camp. Yep, I’m right, and in the first shot.

Javier Mendez says Cain is the best guy he’s ever trained, including Frank Shamrock and BJ Penn. Dave Camarillo says that Cain Velasquez’s tank (cardio) might be the best in the UFC.

Cain says he doesn’t worry about Brock. He’s cautious, but he knows what he’s capable of.

Brock says in order to fly with the eagles, you can’t hang out with the crows. He likes to surround himself with good people.

Marty Morgan is his head trainer who puts the entire plan together. He says he has a good plan to get Brock to peak at fight time. Brock says he trains to his weaknesses.

Brock says he just wants to be the greatest heavyweight of all-time.

Camarillo says that Velesquez has a ton of heart, and Velasquez says that as a Mexican fighter, you have to have heart.

Cain’s dad Efrain came to the US to give his family a better opportunity in 1975. He says that he saw something in Cain that he didn’t see in his other kids. He was restless.

Brock calls himself a country boy who loves his family and likes to get his hands dirty. Work ethic has never been his problem and it’s because he’s so stubborn.

There was a nice bit of footage of how Cain interacts with the Mexican media, which is key to growth in that market. It’s huge for that growth if Cain wins.

Brock says there is always the risk of danger. It’s the beauty of getting in there and squaring off with someone in the octagon. Someone wins. Someone loses.

Really good episode at building a fight. This is one of the more no nonsense fights they’ve had in a while that will still draw huge.