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UFC 120 Play By Play – Michael Bisping Vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

The UFC rarely loads the free Spike TV UFC shows and UFC 120 is no exception. Michael Bisping in a main event? Usually, I’d think about passing. However, the booking is strong on this show, especially in the top three fights. Bisping faces Yoshihiro Akiyama who is more show than go, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing on a show like that. Also, when you get to see Carlos Condit try to push the pace with Dan Hardy in a battle of 170 pound contenders, I don’t think you can really complain. It should be a good fight. So while you’re not going to get anything that’s can’t miss based on hype, it should still be a fun night of fights.

1. Cyrille Diabate vs. Alexander Gustafsson

This fight wasn’t originally on the main fight card, but they added it. Maybe they’ll go overtime if they need to. Wait, what am I thinking, this show is taped. They obviously have the time to fit it in.

Gustafsson is cocking his right hand like he doesn’t even plan on jabbing. He dropped Diabata with a straight right and left hook combination. On the ground, he couldn’t do much, but that’s probably better for the fight. Gustafsson went for a weak attempt at a takedown, but hit Diabate with an uppercut that dropped him again. Gustafsson is super accurate with his punches. Diabate walked through a punch and then started unleashing some shots of his own and pushed Gustafsson back against the cage. Easy round for Gustafsson.

Diabate’s bloodied from punches. Gustaffson got a takedown and sunk in a rear naked choke. It looked like Diabate was going out, but Gustafsson’s hold was either slipping, or he didn’t have it sunk in correctly. He punched Diabate in the face and then put it back on, but again, didn’t have it on perfectly. He punched Diabate again, put it on, and Diabate tapped. Really intense, albeit one-sided fight to start the show.

Winner: Alexander Gustafsson by 2nd round submssion

2. Travis Browne vs. Cheick Kongo

Browne has an interesting strategy. He takes what looks like an outside shot, but instead of going for the takedown, he rushes in with wild uppercuts and really wide hooks. It wasn’t working early on and it looked like Kongo was going to catch him. He hit him with a nice left and looked to rock Browne a bit. But then Browne caught him a couple times and Kongo was on the defensive for the rest of the round. Browne’s round.

The second round turned into a clinch-fest against the fence. Kongo caught Browne in the jewels as he’s wont to do from time to time. He was doing a better job at trying to control Browne, but Browne is the bigger and stronger guy and took Kongo down, throwing him to the ground. Browne gets another one.

Kongo got a point taken away for grabbing Browne’s trunks, which is going to hurt any chance he has of winning this fight. Lots more clinching against the cage and not much striking going on. Kongo doesn’t look like he’s in much shape. Browne got a takedown late to wrap it up.

Winner: Draw

All three judges had the fight scored 28-28. So all three judges had Kongo winning two out of the three rounds? Wow.

3. John Hathaway vs. Mike Pyle

Excellent round by Pyle. He scored two takedowns, one late in the round. He also landed the best punches which were mostly right hands. Hathaway looked a second slow with his strikes.

Hathaway looked to show some signs of success, but Pyle took it all away. He was still landing lead right hands and then got a huge takedown and landed right in side control. He locked in him crucifix-like triangle with his legs. Hathaway had to sit in it for two minutes and just take punches to his face time and time again. Pyle’s up two rounds to zero.

Pyle was a bulldog. He did what he had to do to close Hathaway out. He got a couple of takedowns and just stayed on top of him, pushing him up against the cage, and staying busy enough to where it wasn’t going to get stood up.

Winner: Mike Pyle by unanimous decision

All scores were 30-27.

4. Mark Holst vs. Paul Sass

This is the fight that Peter H. wanted to see since Holst is from his hometown.

Sass kept pulling guard and trying different submissions like a triangle and oma plata. Holst defended them all well. He also had a heel hook in and Holst kept turning until he got out of it. Finally Sass sunk in a triangle and Holst fought with all his might and still had to tap out. That was some wicked ground work. Holst didn’t have time to do anything except defend.

Winner: Paul Sass by way of 1st round submssion

5. Carlos Condit vs. Dan Hardy

Early on, the fight was a leg kick battle and both were landing. Once they landed punches, it seemed like Hardy’s were more flush and more powerful. But late in the round, they both threw left hooks at exactly the same time. Condit’s landed first and Hardy went out.

Winner: Carols Condit by way of 1st round TKO

I sure hope Brock Lesnar fights with his Rocky IV beard next week.

6. Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Michael Bisping

Akiyama tagged Bisping with a right hand right out of the gate. But Bisping ended the round strong. He was quicker, got a takedown and was in and out with his shots. Akiyama looked to land the big punch. Bisping’s boxing was crisper.

Bisping’s starting to land the right hand as he’s mixing it up. He’s faking a left hand and then coming through with the right. He’s also throwing a low kick and landing a right hand. Akiyama is still trying to land the big shot. However, late in the round, Akiyama started landing some really big shots. Bisping was wobbling at the end. I’d still give it to Bisping, but there could be some who liked Akiyama’s late flurry.

They were starting to open up even more and Bisping caught him with a couple of high kicks, but then Bisping kicked him low and it was a bad one. Bisping’s hands are just too fast for Akiyama and he’s just continually landing left and rights in his face.

Winner: Michael Bisping by way of unanimous decision

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3 thoughts on “UFC 120 Play By Play – Michael Bisping Vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

  1. That was the highlight. I also liked Sass off his back. He didn’t stop. I was also so tired after watching and writing about the baseball game before watching this show so late.

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