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The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 – Team GSP Vs. Team Koscheck Episode 6

Team Koscheck comes off as a bunch of pricks, teasing Michael Johnson, and then when he said he beat their guy, they kicked him out of their locker room.

Dave Camarillo says that it’s good to win, but it’s just as stressful in having control because it becomes a must-win to keep control.

Johnson thought their wall drumming celebration after the fight was immature and uncalled for, considering it was their only win thus far.

Koscheck went back to the house to talk more trash with his team and it got on Johnson’s nerves big time.

Team Koscheck chooses Marc Stevens to fight Cody McKenzie, who is the guy who likes to mess with Koscheck. He touched Koscheck on the chin at the stare down.

McKenzie calls himself unorthodox and he doesn’t have the normal MMA pedigree.

Koscheck tells Cody that he’d love to train with him. Cody says he’s in. Koscheck says that he has balls or that he’s stupid.

Dana says this is Koscheck’s first pick against GSP’s sixth pick.

Cody McKenzie vs. Marc Stevens

Cody turned down the hand touch to start the fight. He must mean business.

This was the greatest fight of all-time. Stevens came in, shot the takedown and got put in a guillotine and went to sleep.

Winner: Cody McKenzie by way of 1st round submission

You have to think Stevens is a possible wild card guy, even after getting worked.

GSP says that he doesn’t want his team to bang on the wall.

Team GSP gets to pick the next fight and they choose Jonathan Brookins to fight Sevak Magakian. GSP says Brookins is the secret weapon. Brookins might be the smartest MMA fighter out there. He just used the word “juxtaposed”.

GSP got cut from training with Brookins and Koscheck noticed. Koscheck said he won’t hit him on the eye, he’ll hit him on the chin. GSP said he can try.

Jonathan Brookins vs. Sevak Magakian

Wow, another easy win for Team GSP. Brookins had a sweet slam takedown and then eventually worked to get on his back and got a standing rear naked choke and finished him.

Winner: Jonathan Brookins by way of 1st round submission

Next week is the coaches’ challenge with GSP and Koscheck taking batting practice and the last first round fight.

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