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The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 – Team GSP Vs. Team Koscheck Episode 5

Kos says that when he was here as a contestant, he didn’t know anything and just soaked up everything Chuck Liddell says. He says that the system works. Look at all the great fighters coming out of the system including guys like Cain Velasquez and Mike Swick. He brings in Jon Fitch to help the team train.

Fitch says give him a guy who isn’t as talented but listens, over a guy who is talented and won’t listen.

Bruce Leroy says no one can stop his pranks. Well, except maybe Michael Johnson. He put bleach into the wash load and it was Johnson’s clothes. He backpedaled quickly.

GSP invited Jean Charles Skarbowsky to workout with his team. He’s a Muay Thai guy. GSP called him a character. He was killing all the guys while drunk.

Bruce Leroy says it’s easier for everyone to hate him because then he can view everyone as his opponents. His metamorphosis into Floyd Mayweather gets better every week. He even has his phrasing down. He needs to start calling himself “Pretty Boy Leroy”.

Team GSP chooses Spencer Paige to fight Nam Phan. Koscheck says it again. “It’s a great match-up for us.” I wonder if they replayed that one from last week. Paige thinks that Pham is sad to fight him.

Paige says he knows Pham has been knocked out before and that’s what he’s good at. He finds people’s chins.

Chuck Liddell shows up to Koscheck’s camp. They talked about his fight with Franklin which he was winning until he was knocked out. Chuck tells them that if they don’t like fighting or training, it might not be the job for them. Train hard, train smart and enjoy it. It’s hard to step away from it.

GSP says Koscheck’s cat calling bothers him, but he has to stay who he is. Koscheck promises that if he wins, he has some stuff to say to Georges.

Nam Phan vs. Spencer Paige

They both knocked each other down, Phan went down from a leg kick and Paige went down from a punch. Neither seemed too hurt. Phan seems much more comfortable throwing hands, while Paige is throwing mostly kicks. Paige started to put it together more later in the round, while Pham just kept coming forward with punches. Phan caught his leg on a kick and dropped him and then started rocking him with punches on the ground. He got side control and went for a kimura. Paige looked to be in pain while he hung in there.

Paige is in bad shape coming out of his corner and Phan is just teeing off on him. Paige is doing his best to hang in there even though he’s just not able to get anything going. He went down and Phan started rocking him with knees. Pham is just attacking him with an assortment of high leg kicks, low leg kicks, and punches. GSP was trying to coach him, but he was fighting on will.

Winner: Nam Phan by way of unanimous decision

Paige says that he hurt his shin on one of the checked kicks and also broke his hand.

Koscheck had his guys bang on the wall when they were back in the locker room. It was pretty bush league.

Next week is a two fight episode. Looks like Koscheck’s boys are getting on Team GSP’s nerves. GSP also gets cut while wrestling.

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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 – Team GSP Vs. Team Koscheck Episode 5

  1. I thought he’d be more creative with his talk. I’m not sure he has much. Maybe now that they finally won, he’ll be able to have better trash talk.

  2. I think we can both agree that Jean Charles Skarbowsky deserves his own show. That was hysterical stuff.

  3. For sure. How GSP hangs out with him is beyond me. But from what I remember, GSP likes being up in the club. So maybe they do fit.

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