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The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 – Team GSP Vs. Team Koscheck Episode 4

GSP tells Michael Johnson after his fight that if every fight goes back and forth like that, he’s going to have a heart attack. Mike Tyson tells him that in that kind of fight, the guy who wins is the guy who is smarter. He says there’s nothing like confidence. Life is a battle. Dane Sayers says that what Tyson was saying was like his real life. GSP says he learned a lot from Tyson.

Koscheck was pushing his guys hard and says that the harder you work in practice, the later it pays off.

Team Koscheck didn’t like Bruce Leroy telling Johnson to “fuck him up” in his last fight. They felt disrespected. They think that because they’re all in the same house, he should act more professional. Leroy goes off and Sevak Magakian gets in his face and wants to fight him. I think Leroy takes lessons from Floyd Mayweather. I hope he fights like Floyd so he can back it up.

Koscheck tells GSP that he doesn’t say much. Koscheck asks GSP why he doesn’t park in the same place anymore and knows that it’s because GSP pranked him. Then he says he must be in GSP’s head at all times. He then calls GSP a nerd and says he talks like a robot.

GSP picks Kyle Watson vs. Andy Main. Dana says that Watson is Matt Hughes’ jiu-jitsu coach. Watson is the oldest in the house.

Koscheck shows up in the tight shorts and says that he’s doing it for GSP. He says he might rock them in the cage against Georges. Koscheck’s trying very hard to get under his skin and failing.

Koscheck tells his team that this is the most important fight because they’re down 2-0. And he doesn’t like losing to a French guy. Hey, he’s French Canadian.

Koscheck tells Main that his goal is to be on top so he can use his power. If he’s on bottom, he needs to sweep, submit, or get up.

GSP says that Watson gets really nervous before the fight. They rehearsed the fight so that he doesn’t feel like it’s his first fight ever. They had him walk out from the back, walk into the octagon, and then spar with GSP. GSP wanted him to visualize it. Watson says it’s not fear, it’s just the pressure to succeed that’s getting to him.

Kyle Watson vs. Andy Main

Both guys are good at jiu-jitsu, so the consensus is that they may cancel out each other on the ground and fight stand-up.

Watson landed a quick right inside kick and left hand which surprised Main. And then they cliched against the fence and held each other. Main got on his back and was peppering him with punches. Main fell over and carried Watson to the ground and looked to be going for a kimura or arm bar and Wilson pulled out and ended up on top. Main used his up-kicks to keep Watson off. Watson fired one that landed well. Watson ended up on top for the rest of the round.

Watson took Main down immediately and was working on him forever. He was in his guard, got his back, and was working for the rear naked choke forever, but finally got it and submitted him.

Winner: Kyle Watson by 2nd round submission

Koscheck says that Main didn’t listen and that’s why he lost. Main acknowledged that.

Next week, people are sick of Bruce Leroy. Looks like Chuck Liddell and Jon Fitch are on the show too.

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7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 – Team GSP Vs. Team Koscheck Episode 4

  1. Impressive how quickly Bruce Leroy got annoying. It appears next episode he pisses off his own team.

  2. My DVR screwed up, but I heard it was excellent. I’ll be able to watch it tomorrow.

    What’d you think?

  3. I loved it because I am fascinated with both fighters. I love the success that Cain is having because I think it shows that the future of the heavyweights doesn’t have to be behomeths like Carwin and Brock. A 235 guy with cardio and no cut having success could lead others to heavyweight which is a great thing. Plus watching Cain prepare you can tell he is an animal.

    I’m interested in Brock because of his lifestyle. He has an elite facility for heavyweights only which could become the Mecca for fighters in the way Lions Den and Miletich were but it’s by invite only. This place is meant for HIM and that’s fine but he could turn it into something special if he so wanted. I hope he does because it could do wonders for the 265 weight division.

    Not much trash talk, even from the coaches. I liked that.

  4. I’m looking forward to it. I saw the first five minutes, but not much else. Cain looks fast with his hands. I have to believe Brock gets the fight to the ground immediately, or at least tries.

    I highly doubt Brock has enough care for other people to do what you said. He doesn’t seem people person enough to do something like that, unless he needs money. And I highly doubt he’ll need money.

  5. The progress Cain has made with his hands is remarkable. Those guys at AKA know what they are doing. It will be interesting to see what they can do with Mark Ellis (Missouri heavyweight wrestler, 6’3 265).

    I agree with you on Brock but I hope we are both wrong. Imagine the type of talent they could produce if Brock had an open invitation to anyone aspiring to be a heavyweight fighter. Great wrestlers and if he can get Pat Berry to stay a good striking coach too. He already built the gym; once he retires he could become a good coach.

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