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FGB Radio – UFC 121 Preview

On the latest episode of FGB Radio, Jason (aka dadrrtywhyteboi on Twitter) and I preview the main card of UFC 121, featuring the main event of Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez. We discuss the Primetime specials and dissect how we think the fight goes.

We also talk about UFC 120 and Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Noons II.

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2 thoughts on “FGB Radio – UFC 121 Preview

  1. I didn’t watch TNA because well…it’s TNA, life goes on just fine without. I did however see a couple of minutes of Flair/Foley because my brother flicked over to it at the ads in the Boxing we were watching.

    I echo Jason’s sentiments. I was legitimately depressed by it. Two ancient, washed up, broken down, formerly great pros, just killing themselves. And a grand total of about 15 people could care in the slightest. It’s seriously pathetic to watch. People are legitimately tuning into watch two insane old men beat the holy hell out of each other at this stage.

    Note to everybody; get out of the wrestling business before your 40th birthday or your screwed.

  2. I completely get all of that, but I thought that they still told a better story in their 8 minutes than anyone else on TNA does. Even if I did feel a bit bad watching it, I thought the payoff was worth it.

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