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2010 WWE Hell In A Cell Play By Play – The Undertaker Vs. Kane

It’s amazing to me that I just typed “The Undertaker Vs. Kane” in the title of this post as to specify what the main event is. It’s 2010 right? Not 1997. Or 1998. Or 2000. Or 2004. But so it goes.

This show is intriguing, but with only a two week build, I’m not sure I’m sold on anything at all being very important. Sometimes those kinds of shows turn out well, and I’m crossing my fingers.

If you missed Don’s Hell In A Cell preview, check it out.

1. John Morrison vs. Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

If the Miz doesn’t win his title back, I wonder if he cashes in the money in the bank? Then again, I’ve been thinking that since he won it.

Bryan and Morrison team up against Miz when they’re all in together. Morrison put on a reverse tarantula on Miz and Bryan hit Miz with a drop kick. Bryan then put the cattle mutilation on Miz. Morrison put on the Haas of Pain on Bryan.

The match went to the outside and it got pretty hot. It’s interesting in that they were able to put the match together where they brawled and yet still made the submissions the key. They went towards the stage and Morrison jumped off the cage, which was part of the theme. It was about as high as a normal sell. Miz and Bryan caught him and it didn’t look like a fun catch.

Morrison had the Texas Cloverleaf in at one point. Bryan made Miz tap to the LeBell Lock after a long struggle.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

The match was pretty good. The submissions count anywhere didn’t hurt the match and actually kept the heat fairly high all match.

2. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

Interesting that this match is as slow as it is, considering Kane and Taker is going to be super slow because it has to be. So far, they’ve done decent spots where blood usually follows like Orton hitting Sheamus with the steps and Sheamus knocking Orton off the apron and into the cage. But otherwise, it’s a very slow match.

The match picked up for Orton’s comeback after several minutes of Sheamus squeezing him. All of Orton’s comeback spots were next. Orton then hit the slow powerslam on the steps on Sheamus and the DDT off the apron to the floor exactly like he does it from the middle rope and to the mat.

In a stupid spot, Sheamus did his one armed back breaker on the steps, but Orton was draped around his knee, not the steps. There was no need. Sheamus then hit the kick of death for a two count. Sheamus started to freak out and hit Orton with chair shots. Sheamus missed with a chair shot and ate a RKO, but Sheamus fell out of the ring and he couldn’t pin him. Orton missed his soccer kick outside and hate to eat another kick of death from Sheamus.

In another stupid spot, Sheamus got on top of the steps to do his Razor’s Edge, yet by being on the steps, it made it harder for him to get Orton up and his legs were swept. Orton then hit the RKO on the steps, even though he took most of it on his own shoulder.

Winner: Randy Orton

The match started slow, picked up, was slow again, but finished strong.

Alberto Del Rio came out and said he ran Christian out, he’s better than Nolan Ryan, and more handsome than Tony Romo. Then Edge came out to tell him how stupid he was. Then Jack Swagger came out and jumped Edge. The Raw GM told Edge he had to apologize to the computer tomorrow on Raw and then an impromptu match started.

3. Jack Swagger vs. Edge

The crowd doesn’t really know why these guys are having a match. They probably missed Smackdown. The match turned out to be ok, cold crowd withstanding. Swagger did a lot of his Kurt Angle spots, and Edge finally won with a spear. Not much to it. Would’ve been much better if we hadn’t seen Swagger and Edge for the first time just two days ago.

Winner: Edge

4. Wade Barrett vs. John Cena

Nexus comes out within the first few minutes of the match so that Barrett can yell at them and show that he’s the leader.

After a slow back and forth, Cena got the offense and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Smackdown came out to jump Nexus, including The Big Show, MVP, and even non-Smackdown folks like Bryan and Morrison. Now it’s one on one.

Cole is out and out rooting for Cena to get over the idea that he could join Nexus and it would be the worst thing for WWE. Cena went for the FU and Barrett got out, and hooked him for a double under hook suplex.

They fought on the top rope before Barrett got the upper hand. Barrett hit Cena with the Wasteland for a very loud two count. He picked Cena up and Cena grabbed him for the FU and got another loud two count.

Someone dressed as a fan hit the ring and the referee put a guillotine on him. Then Husky Harris hit Cena with a pipe and Barrett got the pin. Cena’s the 6th member of Nexus.

Winner: Wade Barrett

The fan kind of looked like Joe Hennig.

The story of this match was very similar to the others. It started slowly and then they built up to all the heat spots nicely. The drama was much better than anything else, but it was still good.

5. Michelle McCool vs. Natalya

McCool kicked Layla in the gut on accident and was put in the sharpshooter. McCool transitioned to a heel hook, but Natalya transitioned back to the sharpshooter. Then Layla threw her shoes into the ring, causing a DQ. Don, who is watching the show with me, said it was an ode to Konan. Remember when Konan was throwing his shoes into the ring? I’m glad Don did.

Winner: Natalya

6. Kane vs. The Undertaker

These guys have about 25-30 minutes to close the show. I’m worried that my eye lids may get heavy here. With all the time remaning, maybe Miz does come out here?

Both guys are working their ass off. The issue is that together, they’ve never had a good match and they both work better matches with smaller guys. There were some fun spots like the double big boot spot and the double sit up at the same time. But I have to admit, I’m very much looking forward to this match ending.

The Taker was playing Rocky from the first movie where he’s exhausted in the corner and telling Kane to bring it. Kane did punches in the corner, but Taker got him up for the Last Ride. That was impressive. Taker went for the Tombstone, but Kane reversed it and nearly dropped him. He got a two count. Kane then popped the referee.

And then they decided to go hokey. Kane stalked Paul Bearer and Bearer tried to get into the ring. It wasn’t pretty and he had to put the urn on the ground. Kane told him that he shouldn’t have ever come back. Taker sat up and hit the choke slam. The lights went out and Bearer opened the urn to shine a light in Taker’s eyes. Taker raised up and then Bearer handed the urn to Kane and Kane hit Taker with it. A choke slam later and it was all over.

Winner: Kane

The match got interesting and then they went for the cartoonish finish. I was tired of this 12 years ago.

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2 thoughts on “2010 WWE Hell In A Cell Play By Play – The Undertaker Vs. Kane

  1. I doubt im going to catch this one. Overall impressions? A decent show for the most part? How does fare compared with the last few?

  2. Decent is a good word, though the end leaves you feeling a bit flat.

    Cena and Barrett and the three-way opener were the matches the crowd really got into. Cena/Barrett should’ve been the main event.

    Orton/Sheamus was totally fine. I thought it worked for the most part, but it didn’t come across as anything special, and being the second match on the card, I’m not sure it could’ve.

    The main event was ok for the most part until about the last five minutes. Then it just turned into a cartoon that you’ve seen 10 times before already.

    You probably don’t need to see it unless you want to see Danielson put on a few submission holds.

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