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Video – Yahoo! Sports Interviews Shane Mosley And Sergio Mora

Larry Beil asks the questions. I wonder if aloha still means goodbye?

Is it just me, or is Mosley mumbling his words more than usual? Sergio represents himself well, though if he gets a 75% Shane Mosley, he’s going to be in for a long night.

The fight is this weekend and you can watch the interviews below.

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4 thoughts on “Video – Yahoo! Sports Interviews Shane Mosley And Sergio Mora

  1. Hey GG……I was away…..can u give me a quick rundown on who won and how?……i couldnt find ur recap of the fight….Thank you………

  2. Hey Lostie,

    I didn’t watch the fight, but was watching Twitter for some of the writers recapping it.

    Sounds like Mora simply didn’t engage at all until late in the fight and Mosley was content on allowing him to just fight defensively.

    They scored it a draw. Most writers I were reading had it for Mosley, but one I read had it as a draw. Sounds like we didn’t miss much.

  3. Wow…a Draw…u dont see that much in Vegas…..im surprised that HBO didnt give it the week after like they usually do after a PPV……Thanks GG for the reply….much appriciated…….

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