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UFC Fight Night – Rousimar Palhares Vs. Nate Marquardt

This is the show that preludes the new season of The Ultimate Fighter with Geoges St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck as coaches, which leads up to their fight in December.

Rousimar Palhares vs. Nate Marquardt is the main event on the show, but Efrain Escudero and Charles Oliveira might be the most intriguing fight of them all.

1. Ross Pearson vs. Cole Miller

Miller was active early on shooting in for the takedown and getting one. Pearson looks really comfortable on his feet, even though Miller has a tremendous reach advantage with both his arms and legs. His strikes are slower, but because he’s so long, he’s able to land. Pearson spent the entire round trying to get inside.

Miller landed a left hook that came several punches after a wacky flying knee that missed. Pearson buckled and immediately, Miller got his back and Pearson tapped.

Winner: Cole Miller by way of 2nd round submission

I thought Pearson would win because his striking is more compact and because Miller has been inconsistent and at times gets overpowered, but Miller came to fight tonight. In his interview with Joe Rogan, he called out boring fighters who don’t try to finish.

2. Gleison Tibau vs. Jim Miller

Tibau got an early takedown, but didn’t do anything with it. The boxed for the rest of the round. Miller landed three big straight lefts to end the round that were the best shots of the round. Tibau is going to get hit with that punch at will unless he switches it up.

Miller started the second round like he ended the first. He rocked Tibau and had him against the cage. He landed a knee and got a takedown, but Tibau eventually shook off the cob webs and fought well for the rest of the round. He scored two takedowns and ended the round on top.

You’d think that Tibau would want to immediately go to the takedown as standing with Miller wasn’t the best for him, but to start the round, it’s Tibau who is landing the better shots. It was a pretty even round otherwise. Miller worked hard for a takedown, but didn’t get it. Tibau hit a late knee that bloodied Miller’s nose near the end of the fight.

Winner: Jim Miller by unanimous decision

The scores were 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28. I think it’s the right call. I had Tibau winning the last round ever so slightly.

3. Charles Oliveira vs. Efrain Escudero

Oliveira is feisty and active. Efrain looked like someone who was trying to swat a fly with a fly swatter. Efrain ended up on top of him to end the round in a pretty boring round.

They stayed on their feet for most of the round. It was a weird macho striking battle. Oliveira has these herky jerky moves and he got carried away with the show boating a bit. Escudero can’t seem to figure him out.

Oliveira kicked him right in the nuts to start the round. They were up against the cage and Escudero got him back with a new from a clinch. Oliveira quickly shot in and slammed Escudero into the cage. He then jumped on his back and put on a rear naked choke and Escudero tapped out while standing up.

Winner: Charles Oliveira by 3rd round submission

Oliveira had a conniption fit on the ground after he got the win.

4. Rousimar Palhares vs. Nate Marquardt

This was an odd fight. Palhares tried to grab Marquardt’s leg while on the ground and then pointed at Marquardt’s leg as to say that it was slippery. As he pointed, Nate punched him right in the face and finished him on the ground.

Winner: Nate Marquardt by way of 1st round TKO

If you’re Palhares, wouldn’t you wait until the end of the round to complain? Dana White tweeted that Nate was dry.

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3 thoughts on “UFC Fight Night – Rousimar Palhares Vs. Nate Marquardt

  1. “In his interview with Joe Rogan, he called out boring fighters who don’t try to finish”
    About time someone (other than me) said it 🙂

  2. I thought it was great too. Certain guys can get away with it because of their star power, but the Nik Lentz’s of the world can’t.

    Loved Miller’s aggressiveness, but at the same time, I totally thought Pearson would eventually catch him. Strong fight though.

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