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UFC 119 Live Prelims – Joe Doerksen Vs. CB Dollaway

I like the fact that TUF guys get a chance to showcase their stuff in front of a decent sized Spike TV audience before the main PPV card starts. However, if they don’t see this as a gift, then they don’t understand the game. The Spike TV fights should be the most inspired and crazed fights on the show because their job is to get people excited and then to add late buys to the PPV. Think Leonard Garcia and the Korean Zombie. Think the opposite of Nik Lentz.

1. Joey Beltran vs. Matt Mitrione

Mitrione’s offense looks quick. He’s not just throwing one shot at a time and he’s also mixing in leg kicks too. But all it took was one big right by Beltran to put him on the defensive. Beltran then got a takedown, which actually might’ve been good for Mitrione because he looked a little nervous after being hit like he did. Well, for two and a half minutes, this fight was good. Beltran held him down on the ground, getting in north/south position and Mitrione kept trying for the triangle rather than trying to get back on his feet. It will be interesting how they score this round.

Beltran doesn’t seem to fear Mitrione’s power at all. He’s just putting his head down and taking Mitrione’s punches to give his own. But he took one too many as Mitrione tagged him and Mitrione thought he might’ve had him and closed in. Then he threw an idiotic and off-balanced right uppercut that left him open and he was tagged. Sometimes I’m appalled at how little boxing these guys have, no matter how hard they hit. Mitrione started to use his reach advantage to stay away, but then got stuck against the fence and took some shots. With his reach advantage and quickness, he shouldn’t ever be really hit by Beltran. Mitrione closed strong and he won the second.

Mitrione did a much better job at controlling the stand-up. He mostly peppered him with shots, but it was effective. The last two rounds were all Mitrione.

Winner: Matt Mitrione by way of unanimous decision

All of the scores were 29-28.

2. Joe Doerksen vs. CB Dollaway

Now this was cool. Dollaway sprawled on a takedown attempt and held a guillotine for awhile. Doerksen was trying to roll out of it and Dollaway was able to sink the guillotine in deeper and Doerksen had to tap. If you like transition attempts on the ground, that was beautiful.

Winner: CB Dollaway by way of 1st round submission

3. Sean McCorkle vs. Mark Hunt

McCorkle shot in, but Hunt ended up on top. He immediately went in a kimura from his back and finished it. That was quick.

Winner: Sean McCorkle by way of 1st round submission

4. Pat Audinwood vs. Thiago Tavares

Jason Hagholm told me that Audinwood’s nickname is “Awesomely Awesome”.

Well, he awesomely tapped. Tavares had an early takedown and while Audinwood fought hard, he also left himself open for a standing guillotine and he tapped soon there after.

Winner: Thiago Tavares by way of 1st round submission

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