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The Fighter Trailer – Micky Ward Biopic

This is the trailer for the new film on “Irish” Micky Ward starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. Darren Aronofsky was initial meant to direct the project, but dropped out and has since been replaced by David O. Russell of “I Heart Huckabees” fame. It’s due for a December release date.

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9 thoughts on “The Fighter Trailer – Micky Ward Biopic

  1. Definitely looks interesting. I just wish Walberg didn’t roid up for it. He looks too big.

    I’m going first day for sure if I can.

  2. I hope he sticks around for a while, and he think he can do that. He’s a terrific talent. One of the most consistent actors out there, and seems to have a good eye for the right projects. You see so many guys that once they have one smash, they just take the money. So far, we have never seen him attached to any absolute drivel, and that’s admirable because im sure the options are constantly there for him. There was a run between 04-08 where 8 of the 10 films he made in that period were incredible. They weren’t just good films, they were great films.

  3. He is a very extreme guy when it comes to roles. He ate one apple a day and drank water, that is it, while losing the weight for The Machinist. And this was after he was shredded for American Psycho.

    He then added something like 100 pounds for Batman Begins. Probably dropped a few while doing other work, then added muscle for Dark Knight.

    Now looks incredibly skinny again in this role, and has to muscle back up for the next Bat Man.

    No doubt this is a strain on his body.

  4. See, but I don’t believe his claims that he just stops eating, or that he’s hired a trainer. I think he’s using drugs to do it, which is why I said that it can’t be healthy.

    You can’t put on 40 pounds like that in 3 months unless you’re a genetic freak and I still wouldn’t believe it. I think there’s definitely other stuff he’s doing, hence that one audio tape of him screaming at people.

  5. Hollywood pretty much gives these guys a free pass on that stuff. I’m surprised they didn’t say that Wahlberg ate lean protein and had a trainer or that Bale only had 500 calories a day. That’s usually the stuff they talk about.

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