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Floyd Mayweather’s Racist Rant

If you haven’t heard about Floyd Mayweather’s racist rant about Manny Pacquiao, check out Dan Rafael’s story.

I refuse to watch the actual video because I don’t feel like seeing arrogance and ignorance on display. I don’t mind seeing either separately, but put it together, and I’d rather do something else.

But what this episode really speaks to Floyd Mayweather’s is social ignorance. Floyd Mayweather feels that he’s been attacked and now he attacks back, in the way he knows best.

One of the great things about Mayweather is his natural ability to instigate. Just look at his work in HBO’s inaugural 24/7 series with Oscar De La Hoya. That fight was going to be successful without Mayweather’s work, but he probably took that fight from successful, to out of this world successful. It’s still the single most purchased PPV event of all time.

Mayweather’s arrogance seems natural. He has the record and championships to back it up. But when he crossed racial boundaries in an ignorant way, something seemed off. There’s no need to condemn Manny Pacquiao in order to make himself look better. The fact that people are in both fighters’ corners is what makes this fight compelling. If Manny Pacquiao is at his greatest, and Floyd Mayweather is at his greatest, this fight will make both men more money than if the public feels less compelled to see them.

Thus, I don’t get Mayweather’s rant. Maybe that’s the true Mayweather. Maybe that was Mayweather on a bad day. But where is the filter? Where’s his manager to tell him not to get on a social media platform with no rules and show his bare ass out to the public?

There’s being racist and then there’s being ignorantly racist. As we all know, Manny Pacquiao is Filipino. But because Mayweather doesn’t understand the difference between Filipino, Japanese, or Chinese people, he hits him with the all Asian stereotype. I’m surprised he didn’t call him Oriental.

Once I stomp the midget, I’ll make that mother f—– make me a sushi roll and cook me some rice.

It’s really sad that a man who has lived all his years in America, boxed for the United States in the Olympics, and made money fighting fighters of all races is so socially ignorant.

Lastly, I think this social media angle hasn’t been reported on enough. Some athletes who understand marketing and branding have been absolutely brilliant in using Twitter, Facebook, UStream, and whatever else is out there to reach their fanbase. The goal is to share information and hope that their fanbase tells others about them, thus increasing their reach. Among them are Chad Ochocinco, Shaq O’Neal, and even athletes who are lower on the celebrity totem pole like Phoenix Suns wing player Jared Dudley. They use these new tools to their advantage.

A major advantage in using Twitter is the ability to share and broadcast information without having to go through the media. It comes directly from their mouth, has their spin, and is usually pro sports and pro league. But in this instance, Floyd’s video isn’t helping the cause, it’s hurting the cause. And that goes back to who in boxing is in charge of making boxing better? Who is going to smack Floyd down for hurting his own popularity and boxing’s popularity? No one.

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39 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather’s Racist Rant

  1. If Pacquiao decides to go forth with the drug testing blood work, he won’t be able to do anything probably about 6-8 weeks before the fight.

  2. Obviously some people have thin skin a never grew up in an urban setting. In Floyd’s “rant video” he basically is having fun. This is clear to people who grew up in an urban area like myself who have heard much more worse than yellow midget.

    So people need to grow thicker skin and stop being HATERS or JEALOUS like DAN RAFAEL from Espn Groupie news. You know that’s what’s missing from boxing the Back and Fourth teasing. Obviously Poochiao can’t even give a come back like I’ll hit Mayweather so hard that his uncle Rodger will start talking straight. lol You know it’s no fun to fight a boring person like Emmanuel.

    $Money’s$ Definition of a Hater:

    A hater is a person who is financially unstable and wants you to join them in there misery. I got to say, Floyd is hilarious. LMAO

  3. There’s teasing and then there’s blatant racism. There’s a line and Mayweather went over it.

    The fact that he apologized shows that he knew he was over the line. If he starts losing sponsors, that shows that people who use him to endorse their products think he went over the line.

  4. In boxing one can never go too far promote, promote, promote. Also, Floyd made a ustream video which you can say whatever it is you want to say. It’s just like youtube, furthermore, It wasn’t like he was on live T.V. the apology video was sarcastic and shows how Floyd really doesn’t give a dam it was like I said before all for the sake of fun.

    Get over it, done is done and people forget, Floyd is liked no matter what he does baring him killing someone he will be fine. I love how all them groupies are rearing their ugly heads. It makes me laugh. LMAO

    I bet you none of Floyd’s sponsors will stop their endorsement of Money May. Know why, Floyd is still undefeated and like they say, everybody loves a winner. If he keeps winning ain’t no problems at all. (What a roller coaster) I LUV IT!!!

  5. David, this is why boxing kills boxing. You don’t have anyone in control to smack these dudes around. You’re absolutely wrong in this case. Never, in any situation is racism going to make MORE people watch the fight. NEVER.

    It doesn’t matter if the USTREAM rules allow you to say what you say. That’s why Floyd has a brain. That’s why Floyd doesn’t walk in front of traffic. He can do it if he wants, but he’s smart enough to know that he’ll get hit by a car if he does.

    How can I get over it if you keep commenting on it? I’m only answering you, not anyone else.

    Floyd may not lose any sponsors, but isn’t it amazing to you that Floyd, the greatest boxer of our time, doesn’t have more? Why isn’t Floyd on TV? Why does Floyd have to do Dancing With The Stars to get noticed? Because he does bonehead stuff like this. If he was truly Money May, he’d be much smarter.

    He’s the most brilliant boxer in the world. But he sure ain’t the smartest.

  6. Question: is it actually racist if Floyd does make Pacman cook that meal?

    Maybe sushi rolls and rice are just a personal favorite.

  7. Well, it’s racist to assume that just because one is of Asian decent, that he knows how to make sushi.

    Put the shoe on the other foot.

    If Manny in his own dialect said that he wanted Floyd to make him some grits, kool-aid, and slice up some watermelon, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have a field day.

  8. GG, I’m not asking you to get over it. This is directed towards people like Dan Rafael from groupie espn news. I also would have to disagree with you about racism making MORE people watch boxing matches. There are too many examples of this in boxing. Examples: Ali vs Frazier 1,2 and 3. Remember, Just some of Ali’s comments, Gorilla in Manila, Uncle Tom, Ugly Negro so on and so forth. Larry Holmes vs Gerry Cooney the great white hope fight.

    You tell me that fight didn’t have racism in it and many people went to see that fight all because of racism. Bernard Hopkins vs Joe Calzaghe, Hopkins said I will never lose to a white boy. Guess what he lost to a white boy, actually Hopkins couldn’t have lost to a whiter boy than Joe Calzaghe. You tell me racism didn’t sell that fight. Boy, Hopkins looked like an IDIOT after that fight. So you see, racism is alive and well and it always will be.

    Weather people like it or not racism is practiced in every area of life. Jobs, friends, family, Women everything. So the only way to overcome it is GET OVER IT. =) In closing, that is the reason why Floyd is the most brilliant boxer in the world because he’s on Dancing with the Stars because he has his own promotion company because he’s his own boss and because he doesn’t have to copy 1980’s classics and TRY’s to have a singing career like someone we know: (POOChiao) This all makes Floyd skillful and the smartest individual in boxing.

  9. The difference in those fights you’ve stated (and you’re right) is that the world is vastly different now. Vastly. That stuff wouldn’t have worked in 2010, and if Muhammad Ali did that stuff today, he wouldn’t be the legend that he is. He’d be an asshole. It’s just how the world has changed. He was smart enough to go as far as he could without going over the top.

    You bring up Hopkins and Calzaghe which ruins your point because NO ONE bought that fight. They couldn’t sell it and it was a huge disappointment.

    I’m not saying racism isn’t alive. I’m saying that it wasn’t necessary in building up a fight that isn’t even happening.

    I really wish that I believed you about Floyd being the smartest man in boxing. I wish I really did. Let’s compare him to Ali actually. When Ali was the best boxer in the world, he was also the most recognizable athlete in the world. Mayweather probably checks in on that list in the top 20, but isn’t the top most recognized athlete in the world. And yet, he’s so good, he should be. I think his lack of intelligence in that case is what stops him from being.

  10. Again, I think Floyd’s Pay Checks would have to disaree with all your saying. Those aren’t imaginary people going to Floyd Mayweather fights. So I think he’s very intelligent and recognizable in boxing and to all sports world.

    Actually, Let’s not compare him to Ali, because Ali is not an undefeated boxer. Ali is not on the cusp of breaking Marciano’s record and Ali never made the money that Money May has made. There’s no comparison. Floyd is the best we have and soon could be the best we’ve ever seen.

    I bet if and that’s a strong IF that Poochiao could get the win against Margocheato the Floyd vs Poochiao fight will become even bigger just by Floyd’s trash talk. You see, Floyd is smart enough to go as far as he can by going over the top mentally, morally and then beating you up in the ring physically. I hope this makes it clear why Floyd is the smartest boxer we have.

  11. I would bet that in the last five years, Mayweather’s not even in the top 20 of highest paid athletes.

    Floyd can get the same message across, without the racism. That’s the entire message. The fight is huge without the racism. Filipino fans already hate him. They’re not hating him any more than they already do, especially after his apology.

    You’re right, we can’t compare him to Ali. Ali is a historic national figure. Mayweather can’t lace his shoes in that aspect.

  12. In 5 years Floyd won’t even be fighting come on GG, he’d be too old. With regards to Ali, If you say so. I don’t look at Ali as a national figure but more like one of the greatest fighters to lace ’em up. Floyd so far is more than just one of the greatest fighters he really is on the cusp of being the standard of excellence in boxing.

    So yeah in 5 years Floyd won’t be on the top 20 list of highest paid athletes rather he will probably end up in the hall of fame and enjoy having his own comedy food show
    (Making Money Egg Rolls with special guest Fried Rice Poochiao)

  13. We both agree May is the best, or at least in that echelon. What I’m saying with the Ali comparison is that in the 70s, he was the single most famous athlete in the world. He transcended boxing. Mayweather hasn’t ever done that. Boxing is in a worse spot today than it was in the 70s. It can’t even get on TV anymore.

  14. T.V.??? Hbo, Showtime, Espn groupie, boxing is every where. Floyd has made it interesting once again. That’s all. Boxing will always continue no matter what. There will always be new champions this is a fact. Floyd is not trying to transcend boxing he’s trying to take it to a whole new level. Ali’s time was Ali’s time he’s done with boxing. He did a great job but never did it as good as Floyds 41-0. Facts.

  15. Bro, HBO and Showtime are pay cable channels. And ESPN only has Friday Night Fights. Boxing used to be on ABC! Network TV is the only TV that counts when it comes to building your sport, unless you get a sweet deal like the UFC has with Spike.

    Also, if you believe that Floyd is more transcendent than Ali and you believe that boxing is in great shape, then we’ll just have to vehemently disagree.

  16. Fact, there are more boxing matches than UFC matches each year. Fact, Boxing has been around since the 1800’s so yeah it’s much more well known around the world than UFC. Fact, UFC is a different sport than boxing is and should not be compared to BOXING.

    Fact, Boxing has always dominated T.V. Pay Per View, HBO, Showtime, Espn groupie news and all the boxing “BLOGS” and websites all over the internet. So like I said before Floyd isn’t trying to transcend boxing like Ali did, those times are past. Floyd is trying to do it better than Ali did and I think 41-0 is a great way to start don’t you think???

    I never said Boxing was in great shape, it’s at a cross roads in that the new blood is slowly being introduced. Like it or not Boxing needs Floyd more than it needs any other boxer or so called Pound 4 Pound king. So yeah, I VEHEMENTLY agree to disagree “BRO”.

    By the way, Spike is a cable network channel and Boxing doesn’t need ABC or regular T.V. in order to build it’s way up Boxing is already arrived and establish from many many years ago. So with that said, I’ll leave the ABC regular T.V. build up to Dana White and the cage fighters at UFC??? I like the UFC, there’s some good back yard fights there but I still like Boxing better. GOOD LUCK! UFC

  17. Ok, you can go with the information you have. But this will be my last reply. It’s obvious that you don’t look at the same information that I do when it comes to what sport is succeeding, which is money.

    I’m not comparing UFC to boxing as a sport. I used the UFC to show how you can be on cable and succeed. I could’ve used WWE too. They are business competitors by the way.

    You can’t compare being on Pay TV with being on network television. Network television doesn’t mean as much as it once did, but it’s still the way to market your product. ESPN doesn’t pay for any good fights. Thus, you have to pay for HBO and Showtime to get any big fights. It’s not a great model.

    Floyd isn’t trying to do better than Ali, or I should say, he’ll never be seen in the same light. If we’re going to use record as a barometer for the greatest, than Rocky Marciano is the greatest heavyweight and we know that’s not true. But it’s not about being the best because I think Floyd’s the best. It’s taking boxing to a new level of public awareness and re-building. In that instance, Floyd doesn’t have near the same reach.

    Ali was the most important athlete in the 70s. Athlete. Not just boxer, athlete. Floyd isn’t even in the top 20 of the athletes today when it comes to reach, respect, taking his sport to a new level, and all of that stuff. Floyd’s great at what he does. But he doesn’t extend the support like Ali did, or like Leonard did, or like Tyson did. He’s just not at that level. And it’s not a bad thing. It’s just the truth. Not too many people are at that level.

    And boxing hasn’t been tops on PPV in years. The UFC just had the biggest ever year in 2009 and will do better than that in 2010. And you know whose record they broke? Yep, WWE. So boxing doesn’t dominate PPV. At all.

  18. First your making it too easy for me to refute all that your writing but I’ll take it easy on you and myself because you are not supporting everything you write with enough evidence. First you obviously glanced over everything I wrote about Floyd. All the boxers you mentioned besides Floyd and Rocky have been defeated before. Hello! Please don’t use defeated fighters as a level system it’s a meaningless mockery at Floyd’s 41-0 record.

    As far as taking Boxing to a new level you apparently haven’t been following boxing enough to know that it was Floyd who exposed Poochiao for the cheater he is. Currently, Golden Boy,Floyd and other boxers are requesting the Nevada State Commission to enforce Olympic Style Blood Testing as the guideline for fair testing and fair fights across all States. So how can you tell me that Floyd isn’t trying to take boxing to a whole new level??? Lastly, like you missed in my earlier statements, the UFC has a Whole lot of catching up to do.

    But then again, it’s not boxing and is not as popular. For me WWE or WWF is entertainment NOT REAL. UFC is mixed martial arts, there are way more boxers than there are martial artist and that is a fact. That is why boxing has more bouts because it’s easier to become a boxer than some MMA cage fighter that no one ever heard of. Please stop comparing two different sports!!! I say Dana better keep hiring them WWE or WWF wrestlers if he wants his fighters to remain recognizable.
    I’m out.

  19. My definition of a: (HATER)

    A person who feels anger and/or jealousy for someone who has succeeded in something they have worked hard for.
    A being who speaks or writes badly about a successful person in the attempt to create false rumors. =)

  20. Kermit Cintron called Dana White on his bluff to face his champion by calling out Sean Sherk. Dana White dodged that one. Ha Ha Ha
    that was funny. =)

    Dana knows better.

  21. Dana is smarter than that. Kermit Cintron can’t draw flies in a boxing match. How is he going to draw in the UFC? That was Kermit trying to make his name in MMA because he’s not making it in boxing.

    He’s a good fighter, but not able to get over that hump.

  22. You’re funny GG, you forget all the technical issues surrounding
    Kermit Cintron. He was a wrestler up until college so yeah chances are too high that Dana’s boy gets his ass whipped on pay per view or regular network T.V.. So much for these useless people trying to pit the UFC against the Sweet Science. Makes me laugh, Dana’s bluff got called bro you know it and now everyone does.

  23. Um, not, not in UFC rules. In a boxing match, sure.

    But you’re missing the point completely.

    They would’ve never signed a fight with Kermit Cintron because he wasn’t a big enough cross over star. The key is that UFC fans have to know who the boxers are. Hardcore boxing fans know Cintron. But UFC fans don’t. So to them, it’s just a random dude.

    James Toney is a name that most sports fans know. That’s where the line is drawn. Cintron was never going to fight in the UFC, not because they necessarily thought he was going to run over their guy, but because he wasn’t going to draw money.

    Have you ever purchased a Kermit Cintron fight on PPV? There you go.

  24. If you say so, at least I know enough to know when someone is tip toeing an issue like Dana did. Hey, You know what, I got a nickname for Dana since all his fighters have one it’s only fair that Dana have one. How about Dana “The PussyFooter” White. Fits him perfectly regarding all his PussyFooting around the well known Kermit Cintron issue.

  25. Point is, if Mayweather wants to fight in the UFC, sign him up immediately. If Cintron does, you kind of yawn and don’t bother taking his call.

    That might be harsh, but it’s reality.

  26. Again, Dana knew better. It’s all funny to me just like Floyd’s rants. I’m smart enough to know it is all in good fun. =)

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