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2010 WWE Night Of Champions – Randy Orton Is The New WWE Champion

If you missed it earlier, Don wrote a great preview of this show. He went into detail on every match and gave his thoughts on who was going to win and also who he’d book to win.

To me, this show is very much a blown up Raw with two exceptions. Because of how WWE protects The Undertaker, his return has to be on PPV. But it’s shown in the past that any old Undertaker angle doesn’t draw on PPV, even if he’s been away from a long time. And I don’t think that changes here. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker was special. I highly doubt this will be. But the other reason is because The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan does have a little bit of buzz going for it. But other than those two matches, this is a cable television show.

If this is truly the Night Of Champions, why is The Big Show vs. CM Punk on this show? No one has any answers? Ok. I’ll pipe down and watch the show.

1. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

I don’t watch Smackdown all that much anymore and still, it seems that I’ve seen this match 100 times.

Did Matt Striker just call Vickie Guerrero a BBW? What year is this?

Dolph Ziggler wrestles in a style that I really enjoy, but there’s something about his character that just doesn’t click. And Kingston is similar. Kingston is athletic, but he’s missing something in his personality.

All of the stips are on Kofi’s side. If Dolph gets DQd or counted out, he loses the match and the title.

About five minutes in, there was a nice near fall. Ziggler went for the sleeper hold, but Kofi pushed him off and hit a play of the day like maneuver but Ziggler got his feet on the ropes. Kofi also had a chance to try to win by count-out (which would’ve changed the belt), but threw him back in the ring. Cole called him out on it.

They traded sleeper holds and then Vickie went to slap Kofi, but Dolph stopped her for fear of getting DQd and losing his title. He goaded Kofi into missing his spin kick and then Ziggler hit the Zig Zag for the pin.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

2. CM Punk Vs. The Big Show

Somewhere, Matt Hardy is still blaming CM Punk for word getting out that he was sent home from Europe.

CM Punk was cheered by the Chicago crowd, but he turned them by first saying how much he loves Chicago, but how much he hates the people of Chicago.

Ok, that was a waste of Punk. After a few minutes, Show just punched him right in the face and it was over.

Winner: The Big Show

3. The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

Miz started working on Bryan’s left shoulder, though I think Bryan uses his right arm dominantly when putting on the LeBell lock.

Bryan’s comeback consisted of a sweet dive through the ropes and to the floor on Miz. He also his a drop kick off the top rope. He’s favoring the shoulder, and Miz wants to tap him out to beat him at his own game. Best move of the match so far is both sitting on the top rope and Miz clotheslined him head over heels to the mat.

Bryan rolled Miz up twice for really good nearfalls. Alex Riley tried to get involved. Bryan finally got the LeBell locked fully set, though there was a nice, but subtle failure to fully get it because of his shoulder. The Miz finally tapped out.

Really solid match, especially the last five minutes or so.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

I’m not so sure Chicago knew what to do with themselves after they cheered for the Miz tap. They liked Bryan, but weren’t super hot for him.

4. Michelle McCool vs. Melina

Layla didn’t look happy walking down to the ring. She still must be mad for losing the chance to face Melina. Well, Michelle did rig it.

What a weird match this was. The lumberjills who surrounded the ring either didn’t know what to do, or they didn’t know if they were supposed to act like heels or faces. McCool was making some of them mad and they would just continuously jump her. And then when the melee would start, some of the girls would have no idea who to punch so they just wouldn’t. There was one point where Rosa went to throw a right hand and Jillian just stopped her hand from throwing it and then smiled and walked away.

Melina did her scream and then was just slammed to the mat. Layla came in to try and jump Melina, but she failed. Then Michelle got back in the ring and hit a big boot and it was over.

Winner: Michelle McCool

I wonder if Michelle and Layla will have to face each other to see who gets to hold the title?

5. The Undertaker vs. Kane

This is a no-holds barred match. After Taker took five minutes to walk down to the ring, he attacked Kane by running towards him. It looks like running is very painful for the old dead guy.

The match was a slow and bad brawl starting from the outside to the inside. Taker took a ton of punishment, some comical like Kane throwing the cardboard part of the announcer’s desk at Taker, and Taker selling it like it was oak.

Taker did his comeback with everything but the old school, and set him up for the Tombstone, but Kane reversed the Tombstone and hit it and won.

Winner: Kane

The story was that Kane was younger and better than the Undertaker, which is the right story to tell if you’re going to keep this angle going.

6. Tag Team Turmoil

The Harts and Usos are in first. It looks like there are five teams involved in the match.

Move of the night so far was Tyson Kidd’s Asai Moonsault. And then, Kidd was pinned. Bummer.

Santino and Kozlov are in next. Santino was about to do the Cobra and then one of the Usos hit the Samoan Drop for the pin. They’re really going through this match quickly. Couldn’t they have shaved off about 5 or 20 minutes off Kane and Taker?

Mark Henry and Evan Bourne are in next. Bourne hit the Air Bourne and the Usos are out.

Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre are next in. They teased the shooting star press, but this time, coming off Henry’s shoulders, but he was kicked off and Rhodes hit the Crossroads on Bourne to win the match.

Winner: Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre

So you’re telling me that Drew McIntyre can now do promos on Raw? Ouch.

The main event needs to save this show. Other than Bryan and Miz, there’s been nothing to write home about.

There was a video package before the main event that was the best thing on the match thus far. They tried to get over how important the title is by using lots of old footage and then going through every guy in the match.

7. Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

Cena got huge boos and huge cheers all at the same time.

It’s a tornado style match.

Orton RKOd Jericho about two minutes in and Jericho is out of the match and according to his promise, he has to retire. He’s a heel, he can lie.

It’s everyone against Barrett. Barrett tried to get Sheamus and Edge on his side, but they just beat him up. Cena threw a drop kick at Edge. They were teasing Orton and Cena getting together and they finally did some stuff together, but only for a short time. Sure does look like they’re teasing those two guys being the last two.

Sheamus and Edge have paired up. After cleaning house, they decided to face each other. Cena and Orton got back in the ring and Edge speared Orton. Then Cena hit the FU on Edge for the pin. The other Canadian is gone.

There are four guys left and they have about fifteen minutes to get this match done.

Cena wasted Barrett away and he hasn’t gotten any offense in this match at all. Cena put Sheamus in the STFU and Sheamus got the ropes. The Nexus came in and Barrett hit the Wasteland on Cena for the pin.

It’s now Orton vs. Barrett vs. Sheamus.

The Nexus surrounded the ring and trapped Orton inside. Cena hit a few of them in the back with chairs and Orton cleaned house and then hit Barrett with the RKO. There goes his title shot.

It’s Sheamus vs. Orton.

Sheamus hit Orton with the big kick, but Orton kicked out at two. Sheamus went for the Razor’s Edge, Orton got out of it and hit the RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

No sign of The Miz coming down to ringside.

The show was a middle of the road kind of show. The main event was ok, but it was nothing special and nothing we haven’t seen already.

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4 thoughts on “2010 WWE Night Of Champions – Randy Orton Is The New WWE Champion

  1. 6-1 in my predictions, even when one of the matches wasn’t what I called. However, at least Sheamus was actually pinned FOR the title, and it wasn’t Cena vs. Orton.

    The 0-1-0 of my prediction was the Kane/Undertaker match, in which I predicted Taker would win after something mystical with an urn happening. They’ll save that for the next PPV. Boy oh boy!

    And now Randy Orton as the uncharismatic champ, destined to put us to sleep with his promos.

    They could have done ANYTHING to make the WWE championship picture look different, and they didn’t do that.

    By the way, tonight’s win was Orton’s 8th championship.

  2. This show was just so flat. I think that if Miz would’ve come out and won one of the belts, there would’ve been some buzz, but man, this is one show people shouldn’t worry about skipping.

  3. I found the show overall fine, but there were parts of it killed me. Most notably, how long Taker/Kane dragged on for, and also the fact that I had to see Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre at all.

    I enjoyed the opener, Danielson match, and the main event.

    The biggest drawback for me was the announce team. I know I always moan about the commentary in WWE, but My God…the commentary….

    If I was to rank the show overall, I would give it a score of 50%.

  4. I generally like Rhodes, but they’ve given him the most annoying gimmick. Put on some knee pads, stop waxing your legs, and start wrestling again.

    The commentary is horrendous.

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