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Thoughts On The Night Of Champions Main Event

Based on last night’s Raw TV tapings for next week’s show, the main event for Night Of The Champions is Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Cena vs. Edge in a 6-pack challenge.

This is the result of what happens when you have too many PPVs and shoot your wad booking a really strong angle for one of your biggest PPVs of the year. The creativity well has run dry.

But in further looking into it, the main reason why I’d guess that they have the multi-man match (and it’s not like we didn’t just have two four-way matches on a recent PPV) is because WWE has booked themselves into a corner creatively by even having this PPV.

The show is designed to be an all-title match show. Thus, if you only had Randy Orton facing Sheamus, you’d have to find a way to get John Cena onto the show in another title bout. Same with Edge and Chris Jericho, unless you had them challenging for the tag team titles.

Also, with the Night Of Champions theme, how are the Nexus, in the midst of the single most important “angle” in a long time even going to be able to be a focus on the show?

This is another themed WWE PPV show that needs to hit the bricks. Well, maybe after Bragging Rights, which is, um, only two shows after this one. Jeez.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Night Of Champions Main Event

  1. I agree that the no. of ppv’s needs to be cut but n.o.c. isnt one of them.

    Its great that all the belts are defended on a ppv, infact the ppv that they should be defended on is wrestlemania but thats besides the point.

    So yes cut the amount of them but this one should be kept.

  2. Can’t they do an all-titles PPV without having to name it Night Of Champions? What if they want to get a non-championship match on the card that’s more important than their current title matches like say John Cena vs. Wade Barrett? Haven’t they handicapped themselves?

    Thanks for the comment.

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