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Strikeforce Houston Weigh-ins

Here are the weights for tomorrow night’s Strikeforce card in Houston.

Chad Cook (205.25) vs. Arteneus Young (204)

Humberto DeLeon (127.25) vs. Chad Robichaux (131)

Jose Santibanez (154.25) vs. Reynaldo Trujillo (155.25)

Kier Gooch (155.5) vs. Adam Schindler (155.5)

Rocky Long (146.25) vs. Vinicius Magalhaes (144.5)

Andre Galvao (170.75) vs. Jorge Patino

Daniel Cormier (249) vs. Jason Riley (256.5)

Chad Griggs (228.5) vs. Bobby Lashley (246)

Jorge Gurgel (154.75) vs. K.J. Noons (156.25)

Tim Kennedy (185) vs. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza (184.75)

King Mo (203.75) vs. Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante (203.5)

From Bryan Alvarez at F4W/Wrestling Observer:

Patino has not weighed in yet. Robichaux was a pound over and has an hour to make weight for the fight. Noons missed weight by 1/4 pound but Gurgel said that was fine and he won’t have to weigh in again.

If I find an update on Patino and Robichaux, I’ll update it here.


Per the press release I just received from Strikeforce, Patino weighed in at 170 and 8/10 pounds. I guess they didn’t just want to say 4/5 or just 171.

I’m also not exactly sure what the weight limit is for DeLeon vs. Chad Robichaux as according to the press release, Robichaux was still the same weight.

Another update:

Ariel Helwani added a video of the actual weigh-ins.

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12 thoughts on “Strikeforce Houston Weigh-ins

  1. I’m sure there’s some of that too, but it’s not like he would lose mass purposely to make sure he passes a drug test. He’d be able to scientifically figure it out no matter what.

    I think he understands how to get big and go down in size, whether it’s healthy or not, I’m not sure. But he’s been up and down in weight throughout his MMA career.

    But I do imagine that he’ll be closer to this size than as huge as he was before.

  2. He looked good at around 245. Probably gives him increased flexibility and cardio not carrying that extra 10 pounds of mass.

    Still look forward to seeing him fight a higher level guy, even if that is just Brett Rogers

  3. Now the litmus test. Jorge Gurgel is fighting a guy who prides himself on his boxing. Lets see if he takes it to the ground.

    I predict he doesn’t

  4. Well, if you go by the theory that he was trying to have exciting fights to stick around and make sure he wasn’t cut, then it worked because he’s now off the Challengers shows.

    Now is win time. If he really just wants to get fight of the night, then he’s going to get mopped up tonight.

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