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Kenny Florian Responds To Dana White’s Choking Claims

I thought it was odd when Dana White said before Saturday night’s UFC 118 that Kenny Florian chokes in big fights. It was interesting because you rarely see him say that about anyone, especially someone who is one of the better fighters in the lightweight division. Telling one of your fighters through the media that he’s a choke artist isn’t necessarily a shot of confidence.

But when he said it again at the post fight press conference after the show ended (and Florian lost when he couldn’t pull the trigger), I wondered if it was meant as a message or statement that he wanted Florian to hear since he had to know that people would start asking Florian about it. I tried to ask Florian through his Twitter, but never expected a response and didn’t get one.

The next day, he did tweet out a response to everyone, though it didn’t have to do with Dana’s claims. He said:

Thanks for the support everyone. Before I knew it, the fight was over. Wasn’t my night. Congrats to Maynard on a well fought match.

Then yesterday, he tweeted out another message which didn’t reference the choking claims, but mentioned him letting his hometown down.

Lucky to have fans like u guys. I trained hard but need to train harder. Making plans now so I can take my game to where it needs to be. I really appreciate the support. Feel like I let a city down tho. I know what I need to fix & won’t stop till it’s fixed properly. Thank u.

Florian did talk about the claims to Dan Duggan from the Boston Herald. He said in reference to White’s claims:

I don’t think that really makes any sense. For me, it’s someone who is just looking at the big picture and not looking at the actual fight game. It’s someone who isn’t actually that familiar with the full technique of the game. I didn’t crumble. I was outwrestled. Gray fought a smarter fight. That was it.

He also went on to say that he doesn’t think Dana looks at the fight as technically as he should all the time.

Maybe the most interesting part of this is that Florian is also an analyst on ESPN’s MMA Live. Host of the show Jon Anik replied to a question about White’s choking claims on his Twitter account and said that White’s words were, “Too harsh & inaccurate.”

If ESPN thinks of the show as a true MMA news show, Florian will be asked about the comments and allowed to answer them. Where it gets tricky is that if he’s truthful, he’ll be refuting the words of the guy who promotes him. It’s definitely an odd situation.

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5 thoughts on “Kenny Florian Responds To Dana White’s Choking Claims

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