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Erislandy Lara vs Willie Lee – Full Fight Video

This is the main event of yesterdays Wednesday night fights card as Cuban sensation Erislandy Lara 12-0 (7 KOs) takes on Willie Lee 17-6 (11 KOs).

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11 thoughts on “Erislandy Lara vs Willie Lee – Full Fight Video

  1. Wow, did Teddy Atlas watch the Cotto/Foreman fight??? Cotto dominated Foreman the whole fight. How is Cotto a shot fighter??? In my opinion, Cotto got 2 questionable losses and has bounced back to win titles in his very next return bouts. Just look how he took Foreman’s belt and the WBO title before that. A shot fighter I think, Not.

    I give Lara a lot of credit, he seems like a great up and coming fighter. I like how he fights but in Cotto’s level he is not yet at the moment. Lara needs to work on movement a little but that comes in time. I think Lara will do great things in boxing his time will come he’s still building a name for himself Cotto is already established.

  2. I’m not sure Cotto answered all that many questions against Foreman. He took care of business, but Foreman looked awful, had a bad knee, and should’ve been taken out.

    It’s just what happens when you lose your two biggest fights. I’d love to see Cotto make a complete comeback, but how does he do that? Who does he beat to where we say, “Ok, he’s fulfilled his potential.” Maybe he’s exactly where he should be?

  3. Well, so called experts had Cotto being beat by Foreman’s speed. Where are these people now??? Foreman is a guy Poochiao wouldn’t fight because of size and speed issues go figure how does this make Poochiao look???

    Cotto has proved he could beat a fighter that even Manny Stewart said he wouldn’t have put in the ring with Cotto. So, yeah, Cotto’s back. As a matter of fact, he never went anywhere. I think Cotto should fight Floyd then Poochiao in a rematch. After that retire.

  4. Who really believed that though? Not anyone I read. What I remember is that Cotto could have some issues, but in the end, he was simply better and stronger and should overcome.

    I’d love to see Cotto succeed, but my point is, what would he have to prove? If it’s beating Mayweather and Pacquiao, I’m not so sure we have him set up to fail here, especially considering he’ll never get that Mayweather fight. But if we concede that he may not be as good as Pac, but just a level below, then damn, he’s still a superb fighter.

    He beat Shane before Floyd did, that’s for sure.

  5. Well, I think hes going to look pretty damn good if they insist on matching him with Chavez.

    The thing which has always impressed me with Lara is his accuracy. I think he will look better the more people try fight with him. He struggles a lot to open up a guard when you get guys content to just survive, but when people open up he annihilates them.

    Teddy is one of my favourite tv guys. That segment on the boat was genius. He’s just always a lot of fun. fao HBO give him Kellerman’s job. Thank you

  6. I choose to be optimistic and “Hope” that Cotto/Floyd gets made. Actually, this year would be great =) I think a lot of talking heads involved in pro boxing are writing Cotto off and keep getting proved wrong.

    I know a lot of people believe Cotto’s done and you have video proof of that when one of the talking heads Teddy Atlas opened his mouth in the video you have on this blog. So, there you have it. I hope Cotto gets the rematch against Poochiao too, but only time will tell.

  7. It depends, look, I am a Cotto fan but a boxing fan before that. If, I see Cotto lose fair and square than I’m the first to give credit to the winner. Heck, I gave credit to Clottey for a great fight with Cotto. Clottey let me down though, so I think he was paid off or something that fight with Poochiao didn’t seem like Clottey was giving his all if you know what I mean. I will never watch a Clottey fight again. As far as Margocheato goes it would be a good fight.

    I think leaving the hand wraps out of it Margocheato can still fight but it would be an easy win for Cotto. It all depends on Cotto if that fight takes place again. As far as I know, Cotto says Margocheato won’t make a dime off him. Bob Arum seems to have other plans. The fans would be interested but it’s a wait and see thing. To me, Cotto/Margocheato 2 would be interesting to the fans but not as interesting as Cotto/Floyd or Cotto/Poochiao 2. If, you ask me Margocheato doesn’t deserve a second fight with Cotto.

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