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Video – Trailer: Such Great Heights Featuring Jon Fitch

I didn’t know that a documentary about Jon Fitch existed until just recently, but thanks to Jonah Tulis, Philip Frank and Jesse Osher, there will be one officially released soon. When I heard about it, my first thought was, “Why Jon Fitch?” You’d think that film makers would want to create a movie around a fighter with a notable personality like a Rampage Jackson.

But from the looks of the trailer, it’s more than just about Fitch. It’s about the AKA gym as a whole and how they had to prepare their guy to face the best welterweight in the business. It also seems to be a movie that highlights the struggle of a fighter, showing two lower level fighters from the same camp identified as Matt Major and Nathan Moore by Ariel Helwani, talking about who they want to become.

I’m all for more documentaries about MMA. People know how hard it is. But people also have to know how hard it is to be successful at it.

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4 thoughts on “Video – Trailer: Such Great Heights Featuring Jon Fitch

  1. This looks incredibly fascinating to me. You rarely get to see the team side of MMA and I think it is important to see so people will stop insisting that training partners and friends fight.

    Beyond that AKA is such a great camp to profile because that is a fiercely loyal bunch.

  2. Since AKA is based out of San Jose, I hope they do a few showings in the area. If they do, I’m definitely checking it out. I know someone who trains there and am trying to ping her for information.

  3. Matt Major is a decent middleweight prospect. He is currently with Bellator and was part of their tournament but ended up losing to the eventual winner in the first round.

    He is still young though and could be a solid gatekeeper and earn a good living.

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