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Video – Brock Lesnar And Shane Carwin Q&A For UFC 116

Here’s another really well-produced video from yesterday’s public workouts:

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2 thoughts on “Video – Brock Lesnar And Shane Carwin Q&A For UFC 116

  1. Watching these videos, a few things jump out at me.

    – I like watching Trevor Wittman train heavyweights because he is a tiny, slim shady character. I always get a small chuckle out of that.

    – I like Brock for the most part. He actually does good media work, and his interviews with Josh Elliott on Sportscenter (who seems to be their best MMA guy on ESPN) are usually good material.

    – Though they will both weigh in at 265, Brock appears to be the significantly larger man.

  2. Brock is taller by at least a couple inches even though they try to say they are the same size. I think Carwin is going to be bulkier by fight time and probably be heavier, but he won’t be the bigger guy.

    I’m so intrigued with this fight and to me, it’s a complete toss up. Damn I can’t wait.

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