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UFC 116 – Brock Lesnar Vs. Shane Carwin Live Play By Play: The Spike TV Prelims

I’m live blogging the Spike TV prelims tonight. It will be a separate post from the PPV version of the show.

1. Seth Petruzelli vs. Ricardo Romero

Last night, at the weigh-ins, Joe Rogan called Petruzelli, “the man who single-handedly destroyed EliteXC”. No, it didn’t come from Vince McMahon through his headset.

If I was Ricardo Romero, I’d go with Ricky Romero.

Petruzelli dropped Romero with a great head kick and he did the patented slip on his butt as well. He always falls throwing that. Romero worked hard to get top position, but Petruzelli ended the first round by landing an uppercut. Petruzelli landed some big shots in the round.

Wow. Petruzelli looked well on his way to putting Romero out. Romero looked woozy. After being in Seth’s guard and working through a triangle attempt, he got top position, put a crucifix on Petruzelli and put on an arm bar from that position. Petruzelli may have broken his arm.

Winner: Ricardo Romero by 2nd round TKO

Joe Rogan interviewed Shane Carwin and he continued his streak of non-interesting interviews. That streak is almost as impressive as his first round stoppage streak.

Rogan interviews Lesnar too and he looks tired of answering the same questions. He says the reason to switch to southpaw is for versatility.

Joe Rogan is really hard selling on Chris Leben.

2. Chris Tuchscherer vs. Brendan Schaub

Schaub dropped him with a big right hand and Tuchscherer fell like a bag of rocks. He finished him on the ground and then brushed his shoulders off.

Winner: Brendan Schaub by way of 1st round TKO

3. Gerald Harris vs. Dave Branch

This is a fight from earlier on the card.

There was nothing much going on with both guys standing up. Harris got inside and locked him up against the cage and slammed him down once. Branch was shuckin’ and jivin’ as Apollo Creed’s trainer would say.

Pretty much a nothing fight. I’m not sure how this helps sell the PPV, but I’m guessing they needed a long match since the first two ended quickly. Harris got him down again, but didn’t do much damage, and there was nothing going on but the rent when they were on their feet.

Branch kicked Harris right in the face and rocked him. Harris went for the takedown and got it, but Branch went for a triangle. Harris made sure he didn’t get it when he slammed him down while Branch was trying to put it on. Wow. Harris had Branch up against the cage, Branch tried to jump into full guard while Harris was still standing up and Harris just slammed him down and Branch was out. Harris could’ve followed up, but he saw that Branch was out and it was over.

Winner: Gerald Harris by way of 3rd round TKO

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