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UFC 116 – Brock Lesnar Vs. Shane Carwin Live Play By Play: The Main Card

It’s finally time. Dana White has been pushing this as the first true heavyweight championship fight in a long time, no matter if it’s MMA or boxing.

They mentioned Brock Lesnar was booed when his face was shown on the screen at the MGM. We knew that was happening.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bill Goldberg, Jim Ross, Batista, and The Rock are all supposed to be at the fight.

1. George Sotiropoulous vs. Kurt Pellegrino

George looked really good in the first round. He kept throwing a straight right and looked very predictable, but it was to set up a left hook, which he landed and dropped Pellegrino with. He continued to land it and Pellegrino became a bit gun shy. George also had him down and went to his back quickly, but Pellegrino got up. Pellegrino got a takedown late, but it’s still George’s round.

George looks like he took the fight out of Pellegrino. He took him down and worked him on the ground with some nice ground and pound and then back on the feet, he landed a nice kick and Pellegrino is either tired, or his will has been taken away. Easy round for George.

George wobbled Pellegrino again with a straight right left hook combination, but Pellegrino got it to the ground. George was extremely active from his back, landing elbows. Back on their feet, George looked the fresher of the two, but Pellegrino landed a big knee and right hand right as the bell rang.

Winner: George Sotiropoulous by way of unanimous decision

Scores were 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28

Sotiropoulous looked great. I don’t see how Pellegrino won a round.

2. Stephan Bonnar vs. Krzystof Soszynski

Krzystof looks good with leg kicks and just looks really comfortable in there. Bonnar snatched a takedown after a leg kick and Krzystof went for an arm bar underneath. Bonnar had a great sequence with Krzystof up against the cage. He landed some some elbows and a punches. Both guys took a beating and Bonnar was getting hit and backpedaling. I’ll take Krzystof for round one.

This is a great fight. Just as I left him for dead, Bonnar was landing solid shots against the cage, but then was clipped with a wild right. These guys are going back and forth. Both guys are bloodied up. Bonnar nearly broke his knee on Krzystof’s face and Krzystof came forward. That was unbelievable. Bonnar landed another knee and Krzystof didn’t no-sell this one. He went down and Bonnar followed up on the ground. He got tired of punching and went to for the rear naked choke, but then went back to his ground and pound and finished him.

Winner: Stephan Bonnar by way of 2nd round TKO

Bonnar was very emotional after the fight. He had some kind of second wind after it looked like he was getting the worse end of the exchanges.

3. Chris Lytle vs. Matt Brown

Brown is only one inch taller than Lytle, but he has a six inch reach advantage.

Lytle came out swinging hard early, but Brown used his strength in the clinch to put Lytle against the cage. He got a takedown and locked in a D’Arce choke. He got out of it after being in it for over 30 seconds. Brown’s trying to use his length with front kicks and Lytle just wants to wing punches. Brown put him down near the end of the round.

Lytle had more pep in his step in round two. He had Brown down, had a guillotine on him, went to side control, got into a mounted triangle and then sunk in an arm bar. It was pretty slick.

Winner: Chris Lytle by way of 2nd round submission

4. Chris Leben vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

Akiyama gave us the first shot to the bread basket of the night. He kicked Leben straight in the ball sack. Akiyama looks too quick for him in both striking and defense. He took Leben down with a judo throw. Leben went for an arm bar from his back. Good ground work by both guys. Akiyama was trying to take Leben’s arm with him, but Leben slipped out and they were back in Leben’s half-guard before they got back up on their feet. Leben landed a nice left hand, but was taken down by a trip again. Akiyama’s round.

Bonnar and Krzystof have competition for their Fight Of The Night bonus. Akiyama and Leben are going toe-to-toe. Leben landed a sweeping left hook and then a straight left hand. Akiyama clipped him with a right hand and Leben looked like he was going to take a Ric Flair face first bump, but stayed up. They traded huge shots and Leben knocked him backwards. Akiyama took him down again. They both locked up to catch their breath before swinging for the fences again. That round is on par with Leonard Garcia and the Korean Zombie. Amazing.

Leben is holding his hands up and smiling. Akiyama tried to smile too, but I think his face was hurting. Akiyama caught Leben’s leg and knocked him down with a right hand to the forehead. Leben went for an arm bar and Akiyama tried to stand-up and Leben was holding on to it while on top of his head. They were both landing shots; Akiyama from the top and Leben from the bottom. Near the end of the round, Leben locked on a triangle from the bottom and Akiyama tapped out. This has to be in the top three for fight of the year. Insane.

Winner: Chris Leben by way of 3rd round submission

This is the best UFC event of the year. It’s right up there with the WEC show and might even beat it. Leben called out Wanderlei Silva.

Mike Goldberg called Steve Austin, “Cold Stone”. Who is he, Mike Tyson? They also showed the Rock who is bald with a goatee.

From Ariel Helwani’s Twitter:

Sad news just learned: Keith Jardine’s mother passed away on the day he was released from the UFC. She attended his fight against Hamill.

That’s sad news. Thoughts are with Keith Jardine.

5. Shane Carwin vs. Brock Lesnar

Shane’s coming out to “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” which was the theme song to SummerSlam 2001 in San Jose. I went to that show live.

Lesnar’s coming out to “Enter Sandman”, but isn’t coming through the crowd.

Lesnar got a takedown, but Carwin fought it and landed in a way where he was able to get up quickly. Carwin landed the first big shot and Lesnar fell backward. He followed it up and landed what seemed like 100 shots in a row on the ground. Lesnar kicked up his feet to keep him off and Carwin looked a bit tired, but he reloaded and kept throwing shots. Lesnar couldn’t keep him off. Brock’s busted up. Carwin got up as if to say, “What the hell.” But he went back to laying on top of him. Brock got back up after all that damage. This entire show is insane. If it wasn’t Brock Lesnar, this fight would’ve been stopped a long time ago. Brock lasted the round. That’s a 10-8 round for Carwin.

Brock put his hand up to touch Carwin and came out smiling. Very un-Brock like. Brock took him down after missing a big right hand. Shane looks more tired. Brock sunk in an arm triangle and after about 15 seconds, Carwin tapped. Insane!

Winner: Brock Lesnar by way of 2nd round submission

Brock wins by submission? Holy cow. This is the best UFC card in a very long time. Worth every penny and more.

Brock says it’s about his family, his doctors, his training partners, his training staff, and he’s blessed by God. He says he’s the toughest SOB around. Where’s Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Bill Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Jim Ross all hugged Lesnar after he went into the crowd.

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19 thoughts on “UFC 116 – Brock Lesnar Vs. Shane Carwin Live Play By Play: The Main Card

  1. I would be slow too if I got kicked in the balls in the first round of a fight.

  2. People already saying Carwin was robbed because the ref didn’t stop it during the ground and pound in the 1st.

  3. I knew that was coming. Haters. It’s quite obvious, based on how the fight finished, that he wasn’t out.

  4. I think people who are claiming Carwin was robbed are either A) just haters being haters or B) under the assumption that all fights are created equal.

    You don’t end a Championship unification with that. It needs to be ENDED.

  5. Brock may be the real hulk but like Joe Rogan said, Seth Petruzelli was the one using the Hulk’s 2 hand smash!

  6. Fact of the matter is Carwin was beating the crap out of Brock and everyone knew it. Lesnar knew he had to end it fast or he was going to lose, that’s why he didn’t even try to beat on him when he was on top in the second round and went straight for the submission.

  7. I don’t think Lesnar went for the sub because he thought he was going to lose. I think he went for the sub because he didn’t want to wear himself out like Carwin did, and because it was wide open.

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