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How I’d Book The Top Two Angles At SummerSlam

With SummerSlam just a few weeks away and the story lines actually being halfway decent and making some sense, I had a couple of ideas where the top two story lines could go.

I think that by the end of this PPV, they can have made one person completely, and continue their strong Nexxus angle. During the last week of build, they need to establish that while John Cena may have been making a team, the Nexxus is a team strengthened because of help from one person. Since they are all still rookies, they took some advice from a particular person and that guy has been helping them all along.

This will create further distrust in the Raw group as they point fingers at Chris Jericho, Edge, and John Cena wondering who is the leader of the Nexxus. The night of the show, the Nexxus eliminates one person early on (Bret Hart?), and the Raw team either has to find a new partner, or go in at a disadvantage.

During the Randy Orton vs. Sheamus match, The Miz has to cash in. It’s the best chance to get him over huge and make it feel like a big deal. To me, it doesn’t matter who he cashes it in against because if Orton wins, he’ll have to pin Sheamus and then lose to Miz. And if Sheamus wins, he’ll have to pin Orton and then lose to Miz. Or, if they want to protect Orton, they can have him win by DQ, be upset about it and lay out Sheamus which sets it up for Miz to cash in the briefcase before the 7 on 7 match.

I’d have Edge and Jericho get eliminated based on them distrusting each other. Jericho can get counted out by walking away from the match, further creating the idea that he’s the leader. Edge should get double crossed somehow as well, furthering the same. I’d have John Cena be the last man standing with Wade and Gabriel being the last two for the Nexxus.

I’d cut to a shot of the Miz watching backstage, showing concern for Team WWE now that he’s the champ. As he walks down the aisle with his new championship, I’d have the announcers sell that he’s going to help Cena. And of course, after Cena trusts him for that split second, he hits Cena with the Skull Crushing Finale and it’s game over.

It makes sense to me that Miz is the leader or even simply the Benedict Arnold, if they don’t want to go the leader route. He’s the only WWE guy who has been a mentor on both seasons of NXT and it’s logical to think that he has influence with those guys based on how badly he was treated when he came up. He can go into how wrestlers backstage didn’t like him without reason, how he was behind the 8 ball all because of coming from MTV and being a reality star.

He can have legitimate hatred for how he came up and help the Nexxus so that they don’t have to go through what he did. It also makes Miz a big time player. Cole has been calling him the future of Raw for a few weeks now.

They can then go forward to the Survivor Series with some new stipulations and do the 5 on 5 elimination match again, or go with a John Cena vs. Miz title match.

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