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HBO Boxing – Juan Diaz Vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

They need to have a great fight to close this show. Though I have been entertained, I imagine many casual fans who bought this show need a good closer to feel that they spent their money wisely. I wouldn’t put it past these guys to end this show with a bang.

Juan Diaz vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

Marquez looked great in the first half of the round, but Diaz came back in the second half. Though Diaz didn’t come out swinging crazily, he did start to open up later in the round. Marquez looked great early on, beating Diaz to every punch. Really good first round.

Strong second round. Diaz and Marquez matched each other shot for shot. It was almost like a game of one-upsmanship. Marquez would land a nice shot and then Diaz would land a better one. And then on and on. If I had to judge that round, I would’ve scored it 10-10.

Marquez ended the round brilliantly. I’m threw an amazing combination that ended with a left hook that left me in awe of Diaz’s chin because I was so sure that he was going to fall. These guys are fighting hard. Marquez is breathing hard and already has a bit of blood coming out of his nose.

Marquez beat Diaz like he was a lawyer or something. He buckled him badly with a left uppercut and controlled the entire round. It was a great shot. Diaz is having issues because Marquez is so accurate.

Diaz boxed more in the round but still caught some good shots from Marquez, especially an overhand right that was the best punch of the round. Diaz stayed away and threw shots from the outside.

Marquez is stalking him, looking like he wants to get him out of there. They showed a replay of a great Marquez combination that ended with a left hook and a left uppercut that both landed flush.

This is such a different fight than the first. In the first, it was Diaz who was setting the tone, landing the best shots, making Marquez look slow and old. In this one, it’s the opposite. Marquez isn’t nearly as busy as Diaz was in the first fight, but he’s making his punches mean something. Something to look for is that Marquez looks more tired and his face looks worse for the wear.

Diaz is staying patient by jabbing and jabbing, but he’s not doing enough off the jab. His corner wants him to double and triple the jab. Marquez continues to land the stiffer, louder, and more impressive punches. I do wonder if he’s getting tired though. Diaz doesn’t look tired.

Another terrific round for Marquez. He landed some great combinations and Diaz looked to be in trouble again. Diaz’s face is now swollen and puffy and has a cut on his lip and is bleeding from his mouth.

Not a bad round for Diaz, though I still think Marquez pulled it out. Diaz’s lip is pretty swollen now, to go along with his swollen face.

Well, Diaz has one last chance to win this fight and by the looks of the 11th, he’s not really close. He did throw a great left hand which was his best shot since early in the fight. Marquez is just so accurate and strong with his shots.

Strong last round and very much like the first few rounds. Diaz pressed him, and in pressing him caught a lot of leather. This should be a pretty easy victory for Marquez, but Diaz fought the kind of fight that allowed him to finish the fight.

Winner: Juan Manuel Marquez by unanimous decision

The scores were 116-112, 118-110, and 117-111.

That caps the night. A solid, if unspectacular night of fighting, but still entertaining. Good stuff.

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4 thoughts on “HBO Boxing – Juan Diaz Vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

  1. I can’t imagine a third fight. After losing to both a TKO and a unanimous decision, if Diaz doesn’t F.E.A.R. the ability of Marquez he probably should for his own good. Props on the recap.

  2. They weren’t talking about a third fight between these guys. They were talking about a third fight between Marquez and Pacquiao.

  3. I wasn’t even talking bout what they were talking bout because I couldn’t hear the commentary. *heh* Sounds like Pac already shot down the idea of a third fight regardless.

  4. I don’t think Pac is shooting it down. It’s Arum. Arum wants to keep it in house. If Margarito wins, that’s his guy too. If they fight Marquez and he wins, he’s a Golden Boy guy.

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