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HBO Boxing – Joel Casamayor Vs. Robert Guerrero

The PPV broadcast was having technical difficulties and they threw it to the international announcing team and they showed Frankie Gomez’s first round win and Sakio Bika’s first round DQ loss for hitting his opponent who was on his knees.

From what I’ve read, it looks like it was a power issue for HBO. But they’re back up and it’s time for Guerrero vs. Casamayor.

Joel Casamayor vs. Robert Guerrero

Pretty much a nothing round. Casamayor might’ve taken the round just because he landed a couple of shots late, but really, nothing happened.


Very sloppy round. Casamayor doesn’t want to be in there. He was deducted a point for holding too much and then took a big left hand and decided that rather than fight his way out of the corner, he would continually shoot in for a double leg take down. Rather than dock him another point, the referee decided to call it a knockdown. 10-7 round.

Easy round for Guerrero, but he’s pretty cautious. Casamayor threw a sloppy left that landed, but he didn’t have much on it.

If Guerrero wants to be a PPV attraction type of fighter, he needs to be able to win a fight like this impressively. He can’t just win on points against a guy who doesn’t really want to be in there. What’s actually happened is that by Guerrero’s patience, Casamayor is getting more comfortable. Guerrero probably wins the round, but not impressively.

Better round from Guerrero, but he seems willing to just throw 1-2 combinations, when it seems like just throwing a myriad of shots would make Casamayor give up. He looks like he’s going to the body more too.

Strongest round for Guerrero since the 2nd. Guerrero looked to be a little upset and grabbed Casamayor by the back of the head and Casamayor took a fall that looked a little acted. Then he unloaded with a left hand that rocked Casamayor. The right hook follow-up is wide open for him too.

Yet another strong round for Guerrero. He landed a couple big shots that looked to rock Casamayor, but really, every time he lands a left hand, Casamayor looks wobbled.

Very lackadaisical round. So boring in fact that Lampley and Steward talked about referee transgressions about the referee in the main event. Guerrero wins the round again, but no real big punches were landed.

I’m not sure how to continually repeat the same summary again. Ain’t nothin’ happenin’ captain.

Casamayor dropped Guerrero with a jab, which just made this fight even more disappointing for Guerrero. He wins this fight easily, but the performance wasn’t great or helpful.

Winner: Robert Guerrero by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 98-89, 98-89, and 97-90.

Dmitry Pirog Vs. Daniel Jacobs is up next.

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