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HBO Boxing – Dmitry Pirog Vs. Daniel Jacobs

I originally thought Guerrero was the semi-main, but this is the semi-main, probably because it’s technically a title fight in the middleweight division.

The marketing for Shane Mosley vs. Sergio Mora is that no Mexican fighters (Fernando Vargas, Oscar De La Hoya, and Antonio Margarito) have ever beat Mosley and Mora could be the Mexican savior. Highly unlikely, but they need something to sell that fight as a PPV.

Dmitry Pirog Vs. Daniel Jacobs

Jim Lampley pointed out that the reason this is a title fight is because it’s for Sergio Martinez’s belt that was stripped from him after he beat Kelly Pavlick.

Jacobs switched back and forth between southpaw and conventional. The best shot of the round was when Jacobs leaned back against the ropes and the ropes catapulted him back towards Pirog’s right hand. Jacobs landed more punches, but Pirog landed the best shot.

The first half of this round was huge for Pirog. He had Jacobs up against the ropes and Jacobs nearly went down. He went into a low crouch and caught himself. Jacobs is having a hard time timing Pirog’s punches. He started to feel him out much better late, but totally Pirog’s round.

Much better round for Jacobs. He landed two pretty solid right hands that were the best punches of the round. Pirog still has an unconventional style that is giving Jacobs fits.

Very entertaining round. Pirog would land a shot and then act as if Jacobs wasn’t giving him any credit. Then Jacobs would throw a lightening combination to show that he’s the better guy. Pirog is definitely trying to prove to everyone that he’s Jacobs’ equal. Pretty close round too.

And just like that, Pirog went out and took his respect. He knocked Jacobs out. He pushed Jacobs back toward the ropes and just as his momentum was bringing him back toward Pirog, he unleashed a right hand that put him down. Jacobs looked out and then was about to raise his head and the referee stopped out before counting him out.

Winner: Dmitry Pirog by way of 5th round TKO

Jacobs seemed to be very upset that he wasn’t allowed the chance to get up. I imagine Golden Boy was too.

Next up is the main event.

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