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WWE 2010 Fatal 4-Way Play By Play – John Cena Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Sheamus Vs. Edge

I can’t say I’m super interested in this show. The build up has been awful, and of late, the NXT angle has dominated the hype. I just hope there’s some good matches tonight. Sometimes, the worst built shows have some of the best matches. That’s my hope.

Vince McMahon comes out to start the show and says that Bret Hart won’t be on the PPV tonight because of what happened to him on Monday at the end of Raw.

Drew McIntyre came out and shook hands with Vince. Vince left in a limo. I wonder if the NXT guys go after Vince’s limo next.

1. Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston

The build of Drew is so weird. I haven’t ever understood it and after this match, I still don’t. He brought Teddy Long down to ringside so that when he beat Kofi, Teddy would have to be the one to give him the title.

It was a longer match than I expected. McIntyre worked on Kofi’s arm for the first half of the match. Kofi made a good comeback and the match picked up, but then there was a ref bump. McIntyre hit him with his finisher but the ref was no where to be found. McIntyre brought Teddy into the ring, and stripped the ref shirt from the downed ref and put it on Teddy. He went to count the three, but stopped at two. Then Matt Hardy came out and hit Drew with his finisher and then Teddy counted three. And this is a way to get McIntyre over? Or are they still punishing him?

Winner: Kofi Kingston

2. Maryse vs. Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres

Alicia stole Eve’s pin on Maryse to win the Divas title. Eve hit a pretty sweet moonsault on Maryse right before then. The match was actually half-decent and had a good pace.

Winner: Alicia Fox

Chris Jericho came out to cut a long promo about how he’s not the hot thing in the company anymore, but now he’s on top and people want to make a name for themselves by beating him. Then he challenged Evan Bourne in what I think is an impromptu match. I don’t remember seeing this one made on Raw.

3. Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne

This was a pretty good match, but a notch below the matches Jericho had with Rey Mysterio last year. The story was that Bourne kept trying to hit his Air Bourne finisher, but Jericho would find a way to block it. He knocked Bourne off the top rope and then hit his code breaker, but Bourne put his foot on the ropes. Bourne went back up and Jericho caught him up there, but he kicked Jericho off. He went back to the top, but then Jericho caught him again and he face planted Jericho down to the mat, which left Jericho on his stomach. Then he hit the shooting star press for the pin.

4. The Big Show vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger

It’s funny seeing Mysterio and Punk both in masks in the same match.

The match was a set up for two things. Punk came out without Luke Gallows and Serena. This enabled Kane to come out with a casket and try to throw Punk into it. I guess this means Kane thinks Punk put Undertaker in a vegetative state. Gallows saved Punk and Kane chased them out of the match.

Then, Rey Mysterio hit the splash from the middle of the top rope on Jack Swagger for the win.

The Big Show was out of the match early so that they could do some creative stuff, such as the triple German suplex. But Show came in and ran wild, knocking everyone out of the match, but everyone was able to also do some stuff on him.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Mysterio is now the World Heavyweight champion.

They ran a commercial for the Money In The Bank PPV next month. It could be a way to catapult Evan Bourne even more.

John Cena said that if the NXT guys come out, the four of them will fend them off.

5. Ron Killings vs. The Miz

The Miz tried to rap over Killings’ music and let’s just say that it was a fail. He had trouble staying with the beat, was caught in a bad place and just held the mic up to his mouth for the last 30 seconds of the beat.

It was another long match and it was decent. The fact that it was a good battle made the title seem more important. The Miz won after catching Killings’ who was trying to do Rey’s move where he comes off the rope and jumps toward his opponent legs first with a scissors attempt. Miz caught his legs and he was already in a pinning predicament. Nothing special, but it built fine.

Winner: The Miz

Edge cut a promo and said that Sheamus doesn’t belong in the ring with the rest of the three guys based on WrestleManias.

6. The Usos & Tamina vs. The Hart Dynasty with Natalia

At first, I thought this was a tag title match, but it makes sense that they started with the six-man. The Usos can win here to set up the tag title match at the next show.

Ok, well, they didn’t win. I really like that these teams are young and theoretically could feud for a couple more shows. The Usos look pretty good for such a young team. Tyson’s selling is really good. The best spot was Tyson jumping from the apron onto one of the Usos who caught him and Samoan dropped him against the barricade. Near the end of the match, Natalia tagged in and thus, Tamina had to also get in the match. Tamina hit Natalia with a Samoan drop and instead of going for the pin, went to the top to hit the Superfly splash. It looked phony because Natalia got out of the way before she jumped. Natalia hit clothesline for the pin.

Winner: The Hart Dynasty with Natalia

7. Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Sheamus vs. John Cena

The match was pretty good for the time it was given. It was paced better than the Smackdown match. Just watching the match, I had a feeling that if the title was changing, it was going to Sheamus. He really looked like he belonged with the other three guys. Cena had Edge in the STFU at one point. Orton was going to try to RKO Cena at another point, but Sheamus came in and interrupted him. Then Edge speared Randy out of the ring. Then Edge at the kick of death. Cena dumped Sheamus and then it was just him in the ring.

Evan Bourne, Ron Killings, and the Harts were watching the show in the back and they were attacked by the NXT guys. The NXT guys then came into the ring and attacked Cena. Edge jumped in but they then all went after him. While they were outside with Edge, Sheamus pinned Cena to win the title. The NXT guys got back in the ring and looked a little befuddled. Then they ran after Sheamus and left the other three guys laying as the show ended. It ended at least 10 minutes early too.

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