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Video – James Toney Calls Out Randy Couture And David Haye

James Toney decides to cut one promo on both guys. He’s not wasting time here.

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10 thoughts on “Video – James Toney Calls Out Randy Couture And David Haye

  1. I really look forward to watching Couture teach Toney that Mixed Martial Arts is a whole different game.

    A part of me wishes it was Cro Cop fighting Toney though, just so we could see Toney collapse from a head kick.

  2. You don’t want Toney to die. His gimmick is that he’s a boxer who doesn’t think MMA is legit. But it’s a gimmick. I doubt he feels that way actually.

  3. But if that happens, he might die. I think the regular old takedown, G&P will be best for him.

    Part of what’s scary about this fight is that if he truly gets hurt, it could be a black eye for MMA considering he’s never fought, and he’s fighting a guy with some of the most experience ever.

  4. Well I would hate to see someone die inside the Octagon. I just want him to lose so he understands that one doesn’t just walk into MMA.

    I have to imagine that Couture could easily sub Toney on the ground. Couture isn’t exactly Maia, but he will be light-years ahead of whatever rudimentary training Toney has received.

    I’m predicting a round one choke.

  5. But what I’m saying is that I highly doubt he’s taking the sport for granted. It’s just his gimmick.

    He’s using the sport just as much as Dana White is using him for mainstream exposure. In fact, White’s probably using him more so.

  6. Toney is so full of shit, David Haye would quite literally kill him.

    As i have said before, Toney is completely washed up, delusional, about 5 stone over his best fighting weight, and been fighting With that being said, in the unlikely event he does hit old man Couture in those 4 oz gloves, it’s really not going to be a pretty sight.

  7. That’s my point with Toney. He’s always full of shit.

    Like you said, if Couture decides to box with him, it’d be a suicide. He’s shooting the second they touch gloves.

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