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UFC 116 Countdown – Brock Lesnar Vs. Shane Carwin Recap

Brock Lesnar puts himself in the category of Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and George Foreman. Dana says there hasn’t been a heavyweight fight of this caliber in any sport in quite sometime.

(By the way, I have no idea why they aren’t just focusing on Lesnar/Carwin for an hour. No need to talk about any of the undcard fights.)

Lesnar says he’s not a pro wrestling or football player. He’s the UFC Heavyweight Champion.

In the bad taste category, Joe Rogan says that if Brock Lesnar was born 2,000 years ago, they’d be sacrificing virgins for him.

Brock says their size may be similar, but there’s a whole different level of athleticism.

I nearly forgot that when Brock beat Frank Mir that he got in his face after the fight. That was crazy.

Brock did the double bird flip to the camera after they showed him flipping the double bird to the crowd. That was basically his way of saying that he’s not going to be anyone different even after the bad press.

Carwin says Brock’s disrespectful. Eliot Marshall says that what Brock did when he flipped off the fans was pro wrestling stuff and not MMA stuff. Carwin says he’s 180% different from Brock.

Lesnar talks about his illness and said because he was an athlete, he just tried to work through it.

He says that when he was in the hospital, he didn’t eat for two weeks because they didn’t want his stomach irritated it. Dana says that Brock changed his diet and started doing more holistic things to get better.

Shane was upset when Brock was out because he wanted his title shot. Brock says Shane shouldn’t have been given the Interim title because he’s the champ. Shane says Brock’s words mean nothing to him. He says Frank was a bigger and better version than the one Brock fought.

Brock says that he’s the best and he’ll prove it. He said that Shane should understands that he’s not good enough to beat him. Brock says we’ll see how good of a wrestler he really is and says if he wants to wrestle, he’ll take him to school. Brock says his Division I is better than Shane’s Division II college title. Shane says he knows he’s the better athlete and they can wrestle on the side so he can prove it. I thought he said Brock’s words mean nothing to him?

Shane says he’s shown that he has the ability to take a punch and Brock hasn’t. Brock says he hasn’t ever been hit because he’s dominated. He said that if Shane wants to get hit with punches, go ahead. Shane says he wants to tear Brock apart.

Yoshihiro Akiyama faces Chris Leben in Chris’ second fight in two weeks. He takes over for Wanderlei Silva who is hurt.

They quickly talk about Akiyama’s rise in K1 Heroes and his modeling days, as well as his nickname, Sexiyama. He says that he was embarrassed of the nickname at first. He also says he wants to be like Manny Pacquiao, proving that Asian fighters can fight with anyone.

Leben has fought twice since Akiyama’s last fight and won both. Leben never moves his head and just leads with his face. It’s crazy. Leben says that he’ll let him be Sexiyama and knock him out. Leben says he doesn’t think Akiyama is all that slick on his feet.

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