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UFC 115 Live Play By Play – Rich Franklin Vs. Chuck Liddell

I’m going to be live blogging this on my Blackberry from a movie theater. I’ve always wanted to see the UFC in a theater and this is the time to do it. It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of crowd comes out to the show.

We’ll back back in a few hours with the live blog.

At the theater and there is no one here. There’s maybe 10 people in here and I imagine they are losing a lot of money tonight.

The screen is pretty impressive, but I can’t tell if the surround sound is on.

1. Rory MacDonald vs. Carlos Condit

MacDonald won the round because of 3 takedowns. On the feet, it was close to even. MacDonald landed two big rights, but Condit landed a solid one too. Condit’s kicks are starting to land.

There was a nice sequence where Condit was taken down, but ended up on top, and then was tripped as he tried to get up. MacDonald was able to be on top more often and he’s been able to penetrate on the inside. The left hook looks open for Condit, but he won’t sell out on it.

The 3rd was all Condit. He had him down all round and was pounding him all round. They are both different fighters this round. After taking a pounding all round long, it gets called with 10 seconds left.

Winner: Carlos Condit by way of 3rd round TKO

I would’ve scored it a draw had it gone all the way. That 3rd was 10-8 Condit to me.

2. Gilbert Yvel vs. Ben Rothwell

Yvel’s body looks like an Affliction shirt with all those tats.

The fight started quickly as they were throwing blows, but Rothwell was able to take him down and get into mount on more than one occasion. Yvel ended the round with some fire and wobbled him with a leg kick, but Rothwell won the round.

Hard round to score. Rothwell nearly stopped him from the mount, but Yvel turned the tide and had him in more trouble. These guys are tired. Someone may win by exhaustion.

Ouch. Bad third round. Rothwell just ended up on top of him and was passing easily. Both guys were tired. Rothwell wins the fight.

Winner: Ben Rothwell by unanimous decision

3. Martin Kampmann vs. Paulo Thiago

Probably Kampmann’s round. He was just a step ahead of Thiago. He landed a straight right that nearly knocked him down and ended the round with a choke that Thiago barely got out of before the round ended.

After the last fight, the crowd isn’t excited watching these guys work positions on the ground. Could’ve been stood up. Kampmann landed some good knees at the end of the round. Dana White said it could be the fight of the night, but so far, not so much.

Some excellent grappling by Kampmann in the third round, but the crowd seems restless. He had Thiago in an arm triangle twice, and once at the end of the round. Thiago was close to sleepy time.
Winner: Martin Kampmann by way of unanimous decision

These last two fights really need to pick up what has been a lackluster show thus far.

4. Pat Barry vs. Mirko Cro Cop

Barry knocked Cro Cop down twice with lead rights. He also is using leg kicks to set up the high kick. Cro Cop scored a takedown, but couldn’t follow it up. Both guys have a lot of respect for each other.

Cro Cop turned to grappling to win the round. He had a guillotine in a wrestled him to the ground, got the mount, and worked to get his back. Barry needs to lose the respect stuff and start throwing.
I wonder if Barry broke his right hand. He’s fighting southpaw and not throwing it. Cro Cop stole this fight. He hammered Barry and used his head like a speed bag and then turned him around and sunk a rear naked choke in. Barry absolutely needs to work on his grappling and conditioning if he’s going to be good.

Winner: Mirko Cro Cop by way of 3rd round submission

5. Rich Franklin vs. Chuck Liddell

Chuck needs to call it quits. He had a great first round with varied strikes, but he kept leaving his chin out there. Franklin finally connected with a short right that hit Chuck right on the chin, and like we’ve seen too many times before Chuck just went limp. Looks like Franklin broke his arm when he took a kick by Chuck.

Winner: Rich Franklin by way of 1st round TKO

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  1. Let us know how the theater experience is – I’ve yet to try it myself because I can order food and drink cheaper at BW3 than one ticket to the local showing. (No wi-fi either.) Factor in popcorn and soda and two people can eat for what it would cost me… but I admit the giant screen and comfy reclining seats would be cool.

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