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The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 – Team Liddell Vs. Team Ortiz Episode 10

Tito leaves this episode right?

Chuck says he didn’t want to do the show in the first place because he figured Tito would back out of the fight. Chuck keeps calling him a pussy.

Tito says Chuck won’t understand, but after the fight with Forrest Griffin, he felt his legs go numb.

The next fight is Jamie Yager vs. Josh Bryant.

Yager says there’s no cardio in the chin, meaning that once you tap the chin, that’s not something you can train for.

Josh says he’s not just going to take him down. He’s going to hit him and then take him down.

Josh Bryant vs. Jamie Yager

Yager said he had the reach advantage, but according to the tale of the tape, their reach is even.

Yager came in quickly but Bryant caught him with a nice right that knocked Yager backwards. Yager threw a crazy flying kick that missed when he came in. Yager’s very athletic. Bryant caught his kick and tried to take him down. Yager hopped on one leg all the way backwards to the cage and then jumped over Bryant’s takedown attempt. Bryant turned a close round into his round as he dropped Yager with a right hand near the end of the round.

Yager came out hard and was very active and pushing the fight. But he’d be overly active and put himself in a bad spot with a jumping kick or knee. I’m not sure why he wanted to be in the air so much against a wrestler. But it was a good round for him until he was taken down and pinned in a near crucifix position. Bryant was hitting him when the round ended. If it was up to me, it’d be both rounds Bryant. But the judges split the rounds so we’re onto a third.

Tito keeps telling Yager not to quit. Yager looks exhausted. Yager wouldn’t get up off the stool.

Winner: Josh Bryant by 2nd round TKO (referee stoppage)

Chuck says he quit just like Tito. Tito says that Yager pussed out.

Dana calls Tito into his office and says that he’s sending Tito out to LA to get a second opinion on his neck and that he only has one day left on the show. Dana says they’ve made another fight for Chuck.

Tito says he’s fired and he’s never been fired at anything in his life. He’s lying like usual. I think Donald Trump fired him on Celebrity Apprentice.

Dana says that if Tito knew he was hurt, he shouldn’t have come on the show.

Tito left the show without telling his crew so Dana had to tell them. The guys were all distraught because they didn’t want Tito to bounce on them like that.

Tito actually came to the house to tell them goodbye.

It’s Brad Tavares vs. Court McGee and Kris McCray vs. Josh Bryant in the semi-finals. Josh beat Kris the first time.

They finally unveil Rich Franklin as the coach, though we’ve all know for awhile now. They tease a former champ as Franklin’s assistant coach. It’d be great if it was Matt Hughes, but I don’t think Hughes would do it again.

Also, looks like Yager and Uscola gets personal again and we have both semi-final fights.

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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 – Team Liddell Vs. Team Ortiz Episode 10

  1. Apparently on The Aftermath, they revealed the other coaches for Team Ortiz/Franklin.

    Yager disappointed me. He leaves his feet too much and gets taken down easily. Doesn’t punch much either for some reason.

    On another note, G.G. you were way right about Evans-Jackson buys. In the 900,000s apparently.

  2. I think Dana was right in that once Yager took a shot and felt the shot, he just didn’t have the same drive and confidence.

    He throws a lot of kicks, which is fine, but he just throws them unnecessarily. Had he stayed outside and continued to leg kick, he might’ve been fine. But he opened himself up because of all those kicks and let Bryant inside, which is exactly what Bryant said he wanted to do.

    Yager is a great athlete, but if being hit changes his game, I’m not sure what kind of future he’s going to have.

    What I’ve heard on the buy rate is 925,000, which is even more than I predicted.

  3. I think Bloody Elbow reported 925,000; I was just rounding down.

    The jump kick he did 3x was flashy but foolish. Leaving your feet like that is rarely a good idea because if it doesnt’ connect as well as you hoped, you are wide open for an easy takedown.

  4. Cung Le does flashy kicks like that, but he’s very quick to get back in his defensive stance. Yager was too sloppy with it.

    Did you think he quit, or do you think he was too injured to continue?

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