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Super Six World Boxing Classic – Allan Green Vs. Andre Ward Play By Play

This is Allan Green’s first fight after replacing Jermain Taylor who pulled out after getting knocked out by Arthur Abraham. Andre Ward is 1-0 with two points and he can become the leader in the Super Six with a victory.

Here’s how the guys stand thus far with Ward/Green finishing the second stage:

Arthur Abraham 3 points (2 points for a win and 1 for a knockout)
Andre Ward 2 points
Mikkel Kessler 2 points
Carl Froch 2 points
Andre Dirrell 2 points
Allan Green 0 points (first fight is tonight)

Even though Green hasn’t fought yet, he has to fight the rest of the tournament like he already has a loss on his record because he’s taking Taylor’s spot. He only has two chances to get to the semi-finals while everyone has had three.

This is Ward’s second fight in Oakland. He beat Mikkel Kessler in Oakland in the first stage.

Allan Green Vs. Andre Ward

Ward was very tentative in feeling him out. He threw some jabs, but looked like he was waiting to see what Green would do off his jab. The referee made sure to warn Ward about getting his head out of clinches after he busted up Kessler with that dome in their fight.

Green isn’t active enough. Ward is setting the tone and being sneaky with setting up his shots. Green did land a left hook, which is his best punch.

Ward just sat him up against the ropes and beat him to the head and body. Green never tried to get off the ropes and seemed to be fine with being pinned against the ropes. Ward showed some strength by muscling him there. He’s up 3-0 on my card.

Green landed his best hook of the night and Ward acknowledged it. But he was still pretty much manhandled and fighting Ward’s fight. The referee warned both of them for holding and hitting in the clinch.

It was the least active round of the fight so far since probably the first. Ward landed the best shots of the round less than ten seconds in the round when he fired a straight right and left hook. Green’s being way too reactive and not being the aggressor.

It was the most one-sided round of the fight, in a fight that I have Ward winning without losing around. He immediately backed Green into the ropes and fired body shots and upper cuts. He was hitting Green with some heavy shots. I’m still stunned that Green is allowing Ward to push him back into the ropes like he’s doing. It’s mind boggling.

Yet another strong round for Ward. Green didn’t let him put him up against the ropes this time, but let him win the inside fighting battles. Ward is following up a jab with a right hand and even switched to southpaw late in the round.

Ward looks like he’s more interested in trying to put Green down than ever before. He threw a wild left hook that badly missed, but Green couldn’t follow up. Ward also looks like he’s not worried about Green’s power at all.

A late uppercut by Green looked to wake up Ward who came back with some stellar shots. Green looks so lethargic that I can’t tell if he’s hurt, or just tired and out of it. Ward hit him with a big right and then followed with the left hook near the end.

Ward went back on the inside and pushed him up against the ropes. Green decided to stay there and bang it out and he was getting the worst of it. Ward him him just after the bell and Green looked at him like he was crazy. Green is also now bleeding from the nose.

Green looks completely defeated. I’m not sure if he threw ten punches in the entire round. Ward won another easy round. I doubt most judges will have him pitching a shutout, but I have this 11-0 Ward so far.

Ward finished out the fight the same way he started it: in Green’s jock. Antonio Tarver just said that Ward reminds him of a young Roy Jones Jr. after Gus Johnson compared him to a young Ray Leonard.

Winner: Andre Ward by unanimous decision

All three judges scored it a 120-108 shutout. I’m surprised. I would’ve thought that someone gave Green the first round.

Green says that his last three training camps left him drained and he couldn’t react. If he looks the way he did tonight against Kessler, he’s going to get knocked out.

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