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New Poll – Should Chuck Liddell Retire?

After losing to Rich Franklin by first round TKO at UFC 115, should Chuck Liddell retire?

You can vote on the right-hand side of this page by selecting either the yes or no bubble.

If you want, you can explain your vote in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “New Poll – Should Chuck Liddell Retire?

  1. Chuck is the man!! There is nobody in the sport that is tougher then my man Chuck! I remember a bar fight we got into a few years ago and I had no worries about Chuck having my back. I can’t say the same about GSP (Girly Sweet Pus) St. Pierre.

  2. Chuck should retire. He won’t be competitive in the sport now that his chin has completely abandoned him.

    Dana will find a way for him to stay close to the organization —have Chuck become the first UFC scout or something.

  3. It will probably be some ambassador or sorts, helping with regulation, helping getting into new countries and stuff like that.

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