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Fight Camp 360: Inside The Super Six World Boxing Classic – Episode 6

The latest episode of Fight Camp 360 starts with the promoters arguing yet again and cracking on each other. You can tell they’re yapping it up for the camera a bit, but also, I imagine they do take shots at each other.

The focus goes to the lead-up to what became the best fight in the Super Six, Carl Froch vs. Mikkel Kessler.

Carl Froch’s father and brother are both a part of Team Froch. Carl says his dad was who introduced him to the sport. His dad was ripped as a young man. Both camps joked that the other was scared.

Kessler said he released his coach because they didn’t have a plan B versus Andre Ward. He was frustrated, but his coach shouldn’t have been frustrated and should’ve told him what to do.

Wow, Kessler’s sister looked like a drag queen.

There’s a spot in the fight where Froch tells his corner that he feels tired. Before the 11th round, Kessler’s corner told him that he was behind. But Froch’s promoter tells his girlfriend that he gave away a few rounds early and it’s close.

Both sides thought they won the fight, but Froch thought the judges would take the title off him before the scores were read. Froch’s corner told him that if he was busier, he’d have won the fight. Froch tells his girlfriend that he didn’t have the extra drive to get him out of there.

At the press conference, Froch says that he wasn’t at his best and that Kessler was. He also says that if they make him fight Arthur Abraham in Germany, he’s pulling out of the tournament.

The doctor didn’t give Froch any anesthetic for the small stitches over his left eye and he said it was like Rambo.

Andre Ward says he enjoys broadcasting and so his smile looks better on TV, he says he’s getting his teeth fixed. He did a spot on ESPN 2 with Brian Kenny.

Allan Green is a comic book fan. Who knew? Allan Green says he’s avoided because of his style, and that’s why he hasn’t received a title shot until now. Green says Kessler couldn’t understand Ward’s jive, but he can because he speaks it very well.

They fight this weekend and we’ll have a recap Saturday night.

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8 thoughts on “Fight Camp 360: Inside The Super Six World Boxing Classic – Episode 6

  1. Your thoughts on the episode overall?

    I will try do my regular preview of this fight later in the week.

  2. Really good stuff. I wish they would’ve given an update on Dirrell, but other than that, as always, it was really good.

  3. Can Green give Ward as much trouble as he thinks he can? I haven’t seen him fight, so I can’t really make a prediction.

  4. Once again I’m on a role with my picks, 3-1 with the exception of my choice Clottey over Pacquiao, I think he sold himself out and really didn’t try to beat Pacquiao so some funny business with Bob and the two in the Cowboy Stadium boredom fight. So far as long as it has not been a Pacquiao fight I’ve been 3-0 three straight correct predictions. One of these days I’ll land it with him against Mayweather or a rematch with Cotto. Till then, I’ll wait until Pacquiao chooses to fight Floyd/Cotto.

  5. I just checked my writing over and it’s really 4 straight predictions correct in a row.

    1. (Andre Dirrell over Abraham)

    2. (Floyd over Mosley)

    3. (Cotto over Foreman)

    4. (Ward over Green)

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