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What’s Next For David Haye

David Haye’s manager Adam Booth yesterday appeared on Steve Bunce’s BBC London radio show to address the rumors surrounding Haye’s next opponent. Booth said that they are keeping all options open for the time being, and that next week he will settle down to talks with no less than six different potential adversaries.

He confirmed that the Klitschko brothers, Tomasz Adamek, Hasim Rahman and Audley Harrison were amongst those he would be speaking to. He made brief mention of both Shannon Briggs and James Toney, and also clarified that Nikolay Valuev does still have a rematch clause to exercise. There is clearly no shortage of options at Heavyweight for the Haymaker right now, so let’s take a look at what is on offer.

+The Klitschko Brothers
Vitali (39-2)/ Wladimir (54-3)
We will start with the big two. The fight everybody wants to see is David Haye against a Klitschko brother, and it doesn’t really matter which one it is. The problem is that negotiations have not gone smoothly in the past, and both parties can do just fine without one another. That means that should things start to go sour, they will likely pursue other options rather than try reach a compromise. My gut feeling is that an agreement will be reached eventually, but it’s a matter of how long we will be left waiting.

+Tomasz Adamek (41-1)
If the Klitschko talks do fall through this would be a hell of an alternate. Adamek, like Haye, is a former cruiserweight champion. It’s a match up that just guarantees action. It’s a near certainty that this would be one of the fastest, most action packed bouts at heavyweight in at least a decade. It’s also a fight that could do some spectacular business in Europe with all the Polish and British fight fans.

+Hasim Rahman (46-7-2)
In his last meaningful fight, Rahman was obliterated by Wladimir over seven rounds. His performance that night was pitiful. He then took more than a year lay off before returning to beat a journeyman back in March of this year. I can see the sales pitch already: remember this guy once knocked out Lennox Lewis. THAT WAS BACK IN 2001! He has no business challenging for a world title at this point. NEXT

+Audley Harrison (27-4)
This is one that I’m sure drew groans from most of the Boxing press. I do believe this is a fight that could sell well in England though. Firstly, It would be two British Boxers fighting for a World title, but also there is a human interest story to it. In Harrison, you have this Olympic gold medalist, who has never quite lived up to his potential as pro. He’s had his ups and his downs, but he is still here. The only chapter missing is his World title challenge.

Are there more deserving challengers out there? Sure, but at the end of the day this is a business. It’s a fight that will be easy to put together, and can make money. I’m sure a match up with Big Aud is way down Haye’s priority list, but it’s a decent one to have as a back up plan.

+Shannon Briggs (50-5-1)
I would be shocked if Haye chose this route. A fight with Briggs seems to offer far more risk than reward. Shannon remains a massive puncher, but really needs a high profile win to put him back in the mix. He has been busy again lately destroying softer competition. He won by 1st round KO last weekend, and he’s got another fight scheduled for tonight. I like Shannon, but we need to see him up against better opposition to see what he has got left.

+James Toney (72-6-3)
There is a very vocal minority on the internet (where else would you find them) who are convinced that absolutely every name heavyweight ever is ducking James Toney. Fans of reality will note that Toney has done nothing lately to merit a fight with the likes of Haye or the Klitschkos. The fact remains that he is now 41 and has recently been struggling against mediocre opposition. Anyway, I assume that with Toney set to face Randy Couture in UFC, we can disregard this one for the foreseeable future.

+Nikolay Valuev (50-2)
Nikolay is entitled to his rematch. The first fight was close enough that it is warranted. The problem is that it was a rather dull affair first time around, but the ridiculous size difference made it an interesting spectacle. I’m not sure that works a second time. I also think it will be largely the same fight only with Haye winning more convincingly.

Well they are the potential candidates for now. We will keep you up to date with all the latest on this situation as negotiations progress in the coming days.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Next For David Haye

  1. Briggs fought twice in two weeks?

    I’d love to see Adamek or either Klitschko brother. Unbelievable that Rahman is even still fighting.

  2. Yep, I think he’s just trying to keep busy and hope a big fight finds him. For the record, he won the second match by KO1 as well.

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