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UFC Primetime: Evans Vs. Jackson – Episode 3

They show the famous pre-fight conference call that we linked to here.

Rashad says it’s hard to push yourself when you’re fighting someone you don’t respect. He thinks that’s why Rampage is pushing himself so hard.

While going through a crazy workout, Rashad does his Rampage howling impersonation.

After his crazy workout, he sits in an ice bath and play it like Rampage wouldn’t be able to handle an ice bath.

Trevor Wittman, his striking coach says that Rashad’s fitness is at a ten out of ten. That means he’s going to be huffing and puffing in round two. It always does.

Strength coach Mike Dolce says at the beginning of training camp, Rampage was 251 pounds. He’s dropped 30 pounds, which still leaves him at 16 pounds above the weight class limit. Dolce thinks it’s because of Rashad’s trash talk that has pushed Rampage to train so hard.

Wittman etched a photo of Rashad that described his confidence and gave it to Rashad.

There was really nothing to this episode except for more of the same with the hype. I will give them credit for intensifying the build up. This is a big fight for a non-title fight. That’s for sure.

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5 thoughts on “UFC Primetime: Evans Vs. Jackson – Episode 3

  1. I was a little upset over the use of the cliche Lux Aeterna at the end. The production team should be able to find a more unique song than that.

    Rampage looked in good shape during the episode and if he cuts from 220, that really shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

    I thought showing Rampage with his kids was a nice touch.

  2. You can call it cliche JP, but it’s hard to beat how epic it is or how it pounds home the call to battle – especially as the backdrop for both men pounding the bags, pounding fists in the crowd, pounding their sparring partners, all with one goal in mind – to pound on each other.

  3. It is a a great song, no doubt. But I already know it and have it on my iPod. I wanted them to play a different song so I could have a new song to download and blare when I work out.

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