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UFC Primetime: Evans Vs. Jackson – Episode 2

The first episode was excellent. Let’s see if they can build on it for week two.

The first shot is of Rashad buying suits. He said when he looks good, he feels good.

Shane Carwin comes to train with Rashad. Shane works Rashad up against the wall so that Rashad can work fighting off the cage. Rashad tells Rampage that he needs to stop eating twinkies and looks fat. He’s worried that he’s not going to make weight. He said he sweats margarine.

They show him working his wrestling with King Mo.

Rampage is training in England before heading out to Vegas next week. He ran five miles and said it’s his best time ever. He also had a breakthrough in his jiu-jitsu. But he didn’t say what it was.

He says that he doesn’t like when he turns into Rampage because he always has to apologize for things he does when he becomes Rampage.

Rashad talks about leaving his family and how hard it is. Rashad bought Rampage a Snuggie to keep him warm when he knocks him out. He web cams with his kids every night and his son says that Rampage is going to win. He thinks he’s mad at him for being away.

And then because The Ultimate Fighter went so long, the show cuts out on me here. Bummer.

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2 thoughts on “UFC Primetime: Evans Vs. Jackson – Episode 2

  1. You got cut out on? They finished it up out here on the east coast.

    It basically showed Rampage at a Las Vegas gym working on his striking, hitting really hard then repeatedly shouting “HE’S DEAD” after every combo.

  2. My DVR cut out. TUF went long. I tack on an extra 5 minutes for that. But I didn’t tack on the extra 5 for Primetime.

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