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UFC Post-Fight Press Conference Notes – Kimbo Cut

Kevin Iole had a few notes from the UFC 113 post-fight press conference.

– Kimbo Slice was cut from the company after losing to Matt Mitrione. Unless he was making a ton of money, it seems odd because they could probably work one more solid Fight Night rating out of him before cutting him.

– Paul Daley was also cut for sucker punching Josh Koscheck after the fight. It was terrible judgment because with Daley’s power, he could definitely become a fight fan’s favorite. But there was no excuse for the sucker punch, no matter how much you dislike a guy in the cage.

– Anderson Silva will fight twice more at 185 before moving up. It looks like the rumored Chael Sonnen match is a go, and if he gets through that, it will be Vitor Belfort. I’m assuming that Belfort has to win one fight.

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4 thoughts on “UFC Post-Fight Press Conference Notes – Kimbo Cut

  1. I think the Daley cut was a severe over reaction. I usually hate to see any unsportsmanlike behavior creep in, and Paul was definitely in the wrong, but people were going way overboard in the immediate aftermath.

    How many times have we seen shots thrown after the bell before? Loads of times. I just didn’t see this as being the worst thing ever. It was a little bit cheeky, he shouldn’t have done it, but a fine and suspension would have been punishment enough.

    It particularly annoys me when you see the amount of shit that goes on in that ultimate fighter house, and goes completely unpunished. Guys act like complete moron hooligans and nobody pays any notice. Then Daley throws one late punch (IN A FIGHT) and suddenly this is a terrible reflection on the sport. It’s a ridiculous double standard. I completely understand that the reason UFC did it is because they fear bad press if they dont act, but again there was no need to terminate his contract IMO.

    FAO DREAM, Marius vs. Daley for title on next show please.

  2. I would like to see Daley vs. Nick Diaz. They can fight, then after the decision, they can fight.

  3. Looks like Pacgwire is losing in the polls. That’s gona be one bored Filipino. Maybe he could start a poverty record lable???lol =D He better take the random blood testing just like the real pro’s do or Pac of lies is done. Example: (Margocheato)

  4. I can see why he cut Daley. Not sure why he cut the promo on Daley. Daley is a very entertaining fighter and even in his current state as a fighter, could do some really good things in the UFC. I hope Strikeforce grabs him and lets him grow a bit.

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