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UFC Opens Up Office In Toronto

Last week, Dana White mentioned that there was an announcement coming today from Toronto. The major announcement is that the UFC opened an office in Toronto, headed by former Canadian Football League commissioner Tom Wright.

According to F4W/Wrestling Observer, the main short-term goal will be to get MMA regulated in every Canadian province.

They want to run three live events in Canada every year, and there was a hinting towards George St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck fighting late this year or early next year in Canada.

If they get in Toronto, they can run a big building with that fight.

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2 thoughts on “UFC Opens Up Office In Toronto

  1. Pretty soon, the locations of UFC fights are going to be fixated on an annual basis.

    Since they sold 10% of the company to the prince of the UAE, they have to have 1 event there a year. 3 in Canada they say, once they get regulated in NY they’ll do at least one or more a year in MSG. They got to get to England at least once a year. Boston too. Plus the consistent Las Vegas location.


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