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UFC 114 – Rampage Jackson Vs. Rashad Evans Pre-lims Play By Play

I’m live at the MGM at UFC 114. I’ll have play by play of the
prelims and then in another post, play by play of the live show.

Be back in an hour when the show stars.

1. Ryan Jensen vs. Jesse Forbes

I missed this fight but was told Jensen won by guillotine.

Winner: Ryan Jensen by way of first round submission

2. Joe Brammer vs. Aaron Riley

I missed much of the first round trying to figure out what happened in the first fight, but my friend DocG says he thought Brammer won the first and noted a flying knee as the big reason.

Riley scored a trip takedown in the middle of the first. Both guys are landing with Brammer landing the cleanest shots.

Riley scored another couple trip takedowns and dominated the pace of the third. Brammer threw some nice head kicks near the end of the round, but Riley blocked them. Close fight, but he wins it.

Winner: Aaron Riley by way of unanimous decision

30-27, all for Riley.

3. Cyrille Diabate vs. Luiz Cane

Great one round fight. Cane threw a heavy left hand that dropped Diabate and Cane followed him to the ground and was reversed. Back on their feet, he tried to take him down in the clinch with a trip to no avail. Diabate started to use his reach and landed some clean shots. A right hook put Cane down and he followed up on it before Herb Dean stopped it.

Winner: Cyrille Diabate by way of 1st round TKO

4. Waylon Lowe vs. Melvin Guillard

Lowe was dogged in his takedown attempts. He was successful once, but Melvin popped right up. Guillard landed at least three knees to the head while up against the fence and then Lowe went down from a knee to the gut and it was over.

Winner: Melvin Guillard by way of 1st round TKO

Spike TV part of the show is about to start.

5. Dan Lauzon vs. Efrain Escudero

Strong round for Escudero. Looks good on his feet, though didn’t hurt Dan on his feet. Hurt him in the clinch up against the fence with knees. Crowd is easy to boo tonight. Nothing wrong at all with that round.

Efrain is killing his front leg with kicks. Had another flurry against the cage, but not much landed. Lauzon’s leg is hurt and he’s tired. Not a good combo.

Lauzon just didn’t have much. Escudero didn’t really do much except keep it standing and dance around. He was much better, but didn’t really try to put him away. He kicked Dan low and was deducted a point. Lauzon tried to swing for the fences for the last 15 seconds.

Winner: Efrain Escudero by way of unanimous decision

6. Dong Hyun Kim vs. Amir Sadollah

Pretty boring first round. Kim took him down and kept working to pass Amir’s guard and couldn’t. Tried to get his back for the choke near the end of the round. Round was all Kim’s.

Kim took him down again and got into side control. Amir reversed the position by using his feet and the cage. Took him down again and held his arm down while punching him in the face. Amir needs to stop him to win.

For 4 minutes, it was a repeat of the first round. Amir had some late shots, but too little too late.

Winner: Dong Hyun Kim by way of unanimous decision

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