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UFC 113 Play By Play – Shogun Rua Vs. Lyoto Machida

As I stated in the UFC 113 preview, this show has a chance to be pretty good. What I didn’t think about is that it’s also the first show after the great WEC PPV, so if it’s not as spectacular as that show, it might come off a bit stale. I think we all hope for one thing and it’s this: there needs to be a definitive winner in the light heavyweight title match. If we don’t get that, no matter how good this show is, people will be upset, especially after last time.

1. Alan Belcher vs. Patrick Cote

Belcher kicked a field goal right into Cote’s testicles. Belcher was also kicking him on the side near his ribs. Cote got a takedown and had a kimura on Belcher from the side. Belcher looked like he was hurting, but he squirmed out of it and ended up on top, going for an arm triangle twice.

Cote was landing with some big right hands early on in the round and Cote was also working the takedown. Belcher fought the takedown and then picked Cote up like he was going to pile drive him, but dropped Cote on his forehead, much like an implant DDT. Cote was loopy and Belcher followed up with a rear naked choke to win the fight.

Winner: Alan Belcher by way of 2nd round submission

2. Matt Mitrione vs. Kimbo Slice

Mitrione outweighs Kimbo by nearly thirty pounds.

Kimbo power-bombed Mitrione twice into the mat. The first was with so much velocity that Kimbo almost spiked himself. After the second, Mitrione put him in a triangle, but Kimbo picked him up again and he was high in it, negating the pressure. He got out of it and worked from the top, but eventually let Mitrione back up. They both look tired. Mitrione took out his front leg with a leg kick and then kneed Kimbo in the head. He was working the anaconda before the round ended.

Mitrione threw everything at him but the kitchen sink. He kicked Slice’s legs out from under him and just pounded him out. The ref gave Slice a lot of leeway, but finally stopped it before the second round ended.

Winner: Matt Mitrione by way of 2nd round TKO

Mitrione looked pretty good, but it’s hard to say how good he looked because Kimbo didn’t really have much. But he has all the makings of someone who could be a fan favorite if he brings the goods.

3. Jeremy Stephens vs. Sam Stout

Solid first round. Stout was setting the pace, but Stephens caught him several times with big shots. Stout ended up with a bloody nose for his troubles. Stephens hits hard. Stout was scoring with shots, but the memorable ones were from Stephens, including one that put Stout down.

If this was a boxing match, Stout would win the round because his boxing was more consistent. He was in and out and setting the tone. But Stephens continues to hit the bigger shots, which just look better. Stout had Stephens much more figured out in round two, but still ate some tough shots.

I was all but ready to give Stephens the round and the fight after he landed a huge knee to Stout’s face, but then Stout kicked his front leg and he collapsed. Stout was all over him. Stout never followed up with the legs and Stephens took him down late in the round. I’d give this fight to Stout in the closest of decisions. It was a good fight.

Winner: Jeremy Stephens by way of split decision

The scores were 30-27, 29-28, and 28-29.

4. Joe Doerksen and Tom Lawlor

Who knew Doerksen was in the UFC?

Lawlor has his Dan Severn mustache going. They did some pretty robotic boxing for the first round. Doerksen was getting the worst of it and at one point, it looked Lawlor was going to finish him, but he didn’t.

Just like that Doerksen caught Lawlor in a rear naked choke and it was over.

Winner: Joe Doerksen by way of 2nd round submission

5. Paul Daley vs. Josh Koscheck

Remember when Koscheck said that he might stand up with Daley? Well, he lied. And it was smart. He got a big takedown and then worked Daley for half of the first round. He got his back and was working the rear naked choke and then Daley got out. Daley threw a knee while both of Koscheck’s knees were on the ground and Koscheck went down like he was shot. I’m not sure he was even touched. Koscheck acted hurt for over a minute and then asked the referee what happened. Nice deke for Kos.

Koscheck’s up two rounds now. He took Daley down, held him down, and threw punches in Daley’s half guard. Then he maneuvered to Daley’s back and continued to work for the rear naked choke. Daley did a good job at stalling Koscheck’s progression, but was still on the losing end. He needs a knockout to win this one.

I actually became a big Daley fan watching him fight his rear end off while just being out-classed on the ground by Koscheck. The third round was exactly the same as the first two. Daley just couldn’t do anything with him, but he never gave up. After the round was over, Daley went over to Koscheck as Kos was walking away and then when he caught up to him, he punched him in the face. Classless.

Winner: Josh Koscheck in a unanimous decision

Koscheck egged on the booing crowd by saying the Penguins would beat the Canadians (they’re in Montreal) and then said he would beat GSP. He must’ve watched wrestling as a kid. He didn’t say anything about Daley hitting him in the face after the fight was over.

6. Shogun Rua vs. Lyoto Machida

Machida got two takedowns in the first round, which were both off Shogun’s takedown attempts. Shogun was the aggressor, but he was doing a lot of lunging in his attempts to catch Machida. He clipped Machida on the side of the head, got the full mount, and just started wailing on him and Machida went out.

Winner: Shogun Rua by way of 1st round TKO

That was impressive. Machida just didn’t look comfortable at all. What I wonder now is if Machida’s style has simply been figured out, or if Shogun is just antidote in beating him.

It wasn’t a great card, but it was a solid 6 or 7. The only truly boring fight was Koscheck and Daley, but that’s because Koscheck just used his grappling skills to take away Daley’s entire game. You can’t hate that. He was trying to get that money fight with GSP.

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